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Principle 5

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5. If you break the law you pay the penalty. Justice is blind and no one is above it.
Justice ‘I deem one of the essential principles of our government- equal and exact justice to all men of whatever state or persuasion, religious or political.’ Thomas Jefferson

OK, first thoughts. If you’re such a law-and-order guy, Mr. Beck, why haven’t you “paid the penalty” for all the laws YOU broke? You hypocrite, you used and undoubtedly sold or distributed hard drugs, drove under the influence of drugs and alchohol, and who knows what else? Did you go whoring? That’s illegal, too.

And what about TODAY, Beck? You make false statements about public figures on a continuous basis. That’s libel. Can your tax returns stand up to an audit? I doubt it, because when you make $18 million you have to find ways to cheat to feed your greed.

What a hypocrite. Don’t even START up with this “do the crime, do the time” bullshit. From you, it’s MEANINGLESS, just as your whole worthless rap and bullshit life.

I find this one very interesting; it’s a shout-out for law and order. When was the last time you saw a Constitution-waving teabagger with a sign that says “No more illegal war” or “Prosecute the torturers” or “Signing Statements Are NOT Binding Law”? LOL, don’t hold your breath.

This principle is code for “lynch ‘em”. In Glenn Beck’s America, you can have all the justice you can afford. But don’t depend on the Supreme Court to help you out. They’re stacked to the right, as is the entire US Court system.

Instead of “justice is blind” why didn’t Beck say “We should strive for legal, social, and economic justice for every American”? Because he doesn’t believe it. He just wants to build more jails and justify his followers carrying guns and shooting anybody they think needs “justice”.

This is what happens when whack jobs get a mic. I worked as a professional musician for many years, and we ALWAYS kept goofballs and drunks off the mic. That includes dry drunks like Glenn Beck.

Written by admin(Wexler)

September 25th, 2009 at 6:02 am

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  1. 5. Nobody is above the law, except for members of the Bush administration that shredded our constitutional rights, called the constitution just a piece of paper, had people arrested for wearing Democratic shirts to Republican rallies, etc. Senator Larry Craig, busted for trying to pick up a gay date in a restroom, was the subject of a long rant on Beck’s radio show, lots of talking but not a word about him being a Republican or a hypocrite. What was said about Ken Lay? Gov. Sanford? The various other Republicans who broke the law on family and sex matters or sold their votes and integrity for causes that Beck approves of? The assassination squads reportedly operated out of VP Cheney’s office?


    26 Sep 09 at 3:32 pm

  2. actually he was audited this, maybe you should update your post here. i keep hearing about your facts here, but all i see is you twisting what glenn’s said into something he didn’t mean. if you judge yourself by the standard you’ve created, would you be due any fines or jail time? the audia on the first page is hilarious, i’m sure he was actually contemplating the murder of michael moore on national radio. please, that is even lower than what media matters would post.

    BRANDONNo Gravatar

    5 May 10 at 1:20 pm

  3. Huh?

    Speakra da Engrush?

    I think you ought to listen, comprehend, and try again.

    I have never threatened to kill anyone, poured “gasoline” on anyone, “poisoned” the Speaker of the House, or even through a frog into boiling water. I have never claimed that AmeriCorps was a secret police force at Barack Obama’s disposal with a budget bigger than the Pentagon. Never said OnStar was a government plot to spy on people, never said that health care reform was for Negro reparations, never said that volunteerism was a call to communism.

    Glenn Beck said all that shit, I can PROVE he said it, and your dumbass attempt to somehow claim he didn’t mean what he said is not only lame, it’s hilarious. What kind of fucking idiot would listen to those recordings or read those transcripts and conclude that Glenn Beck meant something other than what he said in plain English?

    My site has been up and running with his FUKKIN’ NAME in the domain name going on a year. He has NEVER challenged one thing I’ve posted here.

    If Glenn can’t challenge it, what makes you think you can? Especially by challenging a direct statement made by Beck? Words have meaning.

    Here’s some words for you. Go fuck yourself.

    adminNo Gravatar

    5 May 10 at 6:41 pm

  4. wow, you got me. “Go fuck yourself” what great facts to disprove what i said.
    i don’t know anything about poring gas on people or poisoning the speaker, how about a piece of audio you say you have to go with it, then you might have a shred of credibility, or you could just keep saying as if it were fact with no evidence to back it up.
    1. the frog was plastic, he pulled it out of water later to show.
    2. obama said, “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” i’ve never heard glenn claim that was americorps was that force. why not include the clip or transcript to prove what you say, oh, you don’t need those you can just call me and anyone like me braindead morons and skip the facts.
    3. glenn didn’t say onstar was a gov. plot to spy on people either, in fact what he said was that he went and met them years back, and they told him they had that ability, and could disable a vehicle, but would not even though police had asked them to many times. he asked a question about the government owned gm possibly doing so, and why not when in feb. A Justice Department attorney told the Third Circuit Court of Appeals that there is no constitutional problem with obtaining records from cellular providers that can reveal the approximate locations of handheld and mobile devices. why not onstar as well?
    4. in 2004 obama told the NAACP, “I fear that reparations would be an excuse for some to say, ‘We’ve paid our debt,’ and to avoid the much harder work.” he also said, “If we have a program, for example, of universal health care, that will disproportionally affect people of color, because they are disproportionally uninsured,” obama said that stuff, not glenn.
    5. glenn never said volunteerism was a call to communism. volunteers are fostered from a capitalist society, because it allows people to choose to volunteer or give. communism forces people to do things or give, forced charity is not charity. charity comes from an individual person or entity, not from government force.
    glenn doesn’t need to challenge anything on here because you don’t make statements of fact, you insult and give opinion. if glenn is so wrong, and stupid and hateful and full of lies, it should be quite easy to disprove what he says, as i have done to you. oh wait, that would require facts, of which your statements i’ve seen happen to be devoid of.

    god bless

    brandonNo Gravatar

    11 May 10 at 11:34 am

  5. Brandon, for someone who professes to be an expert on what Glenn Beck has said or what he has not said, you sure are a fucking putz. Did anyone ever teach you how to use Google? I wonder. Probably not, or maybe you installed the RWNJ filter on yours because your expertise is quite selective. It’s selective not only in your misuse of facts, but also what you claim to have seen and not seen.

    Look, jerkoff, the gasoline pouring video is available on YouTube. Google “youtube beck gasoline video”. It’s the top hit. Same with the Pelosi video. Google “youtube beck poisons Nancy Pelosi”. So by your own definition (first paragraph) I have more credibility than you do, which is none whatsover.

    Yeah, I know about the frog, asshole. Everybody knows about the frog. It’s fake, just like Beck’s tears and his claim to be a Christian. He’s not a Christian, he’s a member of the Mormon cult and I’m betting you are too.

    Here is a link to Obama’s prepared remarks for the July 2 speech which you IDIOT FUCKTARDS on the right have perverted into an unfounded campaign of misinformation. WTF is wrong with you assholes? Why do you hate America? Why did you sit on your fucking hands for 8 years while Bush flipped you over and did you and the country a new one time after time? Bush called the Constitution “a piece of paper”. He STOLE your civil rights. He LIED you into sending troops out to find non-existent WMD. Yet, here’s a President who inherited one of the biggest crap-pots of a country from Bush trying to figure out how to fix the decay, the job loss, the failing infrastucture, the damaged faith in government, the worldwide hatred of Americans, and all you can do is attack him by taking a piece of a speech out of context and assuming it means he intends to rule you with an iron fist. GO FUCK YOURSELF. If you’re really that frightened, little rabbit, then LEAVE. Get on the next train out of the country and move somewhere else. I’m tired of your ignorant bullshit. For those of you who have a goddam BRAIN in your head, I am going to post the link to Obama’s speech. It’s not about taking over the country, it’s about lifting it up by the bootstraps. Let the smearing right wing LIARS like Brandon cower like little fucking monkey children.

    OnStar: Beck said: “Now the commercial comes out in September of this year where they are shutting off your engine, again not technology to be feared, not a company at this point to be feared, but we don’t seem to be going in the right direction with our government. Our government is starting to consume everything and control everything…Do you want the government to be able to know where you are in your car all the time, also be able to have a microphone in your car?” You’re owned, moron.

    Health care/reparations…. You are a fucking liar. The first part of the Obama “quote” you have is from a 2004 NAACP questionnaire in which Obama clearly stated that he is NOT in favor of reparations for slavery. Read that last sentence again, “Brandon”, because you’re my bitch now. The second part of the “quote” is from 2009, 4 years later, where Obama is addressing a group of journalists about health care reform. You are a stupid liar when you can get caught with your dick in the door by 2 Googles. What an idiot.

    Glenn Beck said that the President was manipulating Hollywood charitable organizations and the media in a way that was turning the US into Maoist China. He said that there was no need for the President to encourage people to volunteer, that it would be better to hear it from a church, a synagogue, or a mosque. He told Aston Kutcher that if he wanted to know more about working “for free” he should read some more Marx. So, did Beck say “A call to volunteer is a call to communism”? No, he did not say THAT. But he said a collection of statements designed to make you think that. The video is available on my website right here.

    So just one last thing, Brandon, before you skulk away and fester in your pool of hatred and misinformation. Before you post your next post here, be advised that if you don’t get your shit together, if you can’t even have the basic facts at your command when you call me a liar, you are going to be ignored. In fact you may even be banned. So, think before you post, shithead.

    adminNo Gravatar

    11 May 10 at 12:59 pm

  6. Damn!

    security-sixNo Gravatar

    17 May 10 at 1:50 pm

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