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1 – Breakdowns 2nd Q 2010

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Glenn Beck Program — June 30th, 2010

Minute 0: Says that since Kagan doesn’t want to be labeled progressive, all progressives must be ashamed of themselves. Right.

Minute 1: ‘Hello America- sometimes I think you and I are the only ones’. So, what? There’s nobody in other countries? Try proper phrasing sometime.

Minute 1: Talking about how he doesn’t understand things in the news, or why people did the things that they did. Somehow, that doesn’t surprise me.

Play a guitar, or handle a disaster. Really, what would you choose?

Minute 2: Says that after news, he’s often left yelling at speaker or commentator. It seems most things leave him yelling.

Minute 4: Using a mock British accent with a foolish character talking about how he was in France when he had the carbon footprint explained to him. Xenophobe extraordinaire.

Minute 5: He keeps misspeaking and correcting himself while looking straight ahead. This guy’s use of a teleprompter is painfully obvious. Obama’s problems my ass.

Minute 6: Talking about Obama taking a long time to accept foreign aid for the spill. Guess who didn’t use any aid at all for a national disaster:;_Bush_refuses_to_accept

Minute 7: Talking about EPA not yet having approved a large cleanup vessel that is potentially very helpful. Guess what — some food still being reviewed by the FDA might be yummy, but it could be poisonous too. This is why these things need to be reviewed.

Minute 9: Talking about how Obama is avoiding bank taxes by ending TARP early. Huh- somehow, I think that he would love this move were it under a conservative president. Seriously, I thought he liked the whole ‘no tax’ thing. Hypocrite.

Minute 10: Mow he’s showing an old video where he calls TARP a useless slush fund. Again, he’s defeating his own argument and exposing his own hypocrisy. This man is a walking paradox.

Minute 15: Talking about Obama’s energy & climate legislation. He is baffled by a clear explanation. ‘with a bill that makes clean energy the profitable kind of energy for America’s businesses by putting a price on pollution’. Simple. You can profit with clean energy, because you’ll be charged otherwise. I don’t see the opportunity for confusion. But then again, Mr. Beck always finds something to be inexplicably confused about.

Minute 16: Talking about Eric Holder being in Afghanistan while we’re uncovering Russian spies. Somehow, I think that an illegal war with thousands and thousands of deaths is slightly more important than a few alleged non-violent spies.

Minute 17: Talking about one of the spies, who happened to be Marxist and said that America was cruel, and compared jails to slavery and Arizona’s law to Nazi legislation. Please. After all your Nazi comparisons, I hardly think you can call other people out on theirs.

Minute 18: Implies that Russians have already infiltrated policy-making circles. Just because liberals are smart doesn’t mean that they’re Russian.

Minute 20: Says that Obama wouldn’t meet with Israel after flotilla, but would meet with Russia after spies. GUESS WHAT SMARTY — IT WAS ISRAEL THAT CANCELED THAT MEETING.

Minute 20: Says that he’s used to Russians hating Americans. This anti-Russian thing seems to be a recurring theme with him.

Minute 25: Says that Kagan sends up enough red flags to have her own protest protest at the G-8/G-20. He’d say the same thing about anybody that supported Obama, so I really think we should take everything he says with a grain of salt.

I liked her before - but if Beck hates her, then I may just be in love.

Minute 25: Shows a clip of Kagan (when asked if she was progressive) saying that her politics must be different from her judging. Hm- I guess he wants all of the Supreme Court judges to be religious fanatics.

Minute 26: Talking about liberals not wanting to be known as liberals, instead as progressives. Progress is a good thing, idiot. That’s why you’ll rarely see any conservative progressives. By the way, remember earlier in the program when he did just the opposite and said that Kagan didn’t want to be called progressive?

Minute 26: Implying that all rulings should be taken directly from the constitution. Do you have any idea how many special cases there are? If it were all up to the very old, very incomplete constituition, prison would be full of innocents, bad people would be free, not to even mention the smaller details.

Minute 26: Kagan hearings, questioner asks very pejoratively if the government can tell people what to eat every day. Kagan hesitates for a second before answering (he ends the clip before she answers), and Beck takes that to mean that she wants the government controlling everything we eat. That’s some inspired genius right there.

Minute 28: He says that the health care bill can tell you what to eat. That’s a lie, plain and simple.

Minute 29: Making a HUGE stretch to say that Kagan would ban books, and he doesn’t want somebody who would ban books in the court. Really? Somehow I think that were he in power, he’d be tossing all the liberal stuff out the window. Just look at religion’s colorful history in regards to banned books.

Minute 30: Says political speech should never and can never be banned. Actually, I think you’re wrong. Look at all the racist/homophobic/xenophobic stuff you’ve said on your political show. I think it constitutes hate speech. Thus, if deemed illegal, your political speeches could be outlawed.

Minute 35: Criticizes congressman Pete Stark (my personal favorite congressman, by the way, because of his atheism) for asking a minuteman ‘who he’s going to kill today’. Beck seems to think that all illegals are drug lords and kidnappers.

Minute 37: Says that because we closed off 80 miles along the Arizona border, we’re giving up our sovereignty. I have no idea how that makes sense. The area was simply closed to the public due to safety concerns — the whole ‘giving it back to Mexico’ thing is a blatant lie.

Minute 37: Says that hiring an illegal is modern day slavery. I’m not sure how that works.

Minute 40: Standing up and flailing his arms around. This is entertainment, pure and simple (Oh, and for the record — fair and balanced, my ass).

Minute 40: Now he’s talking about how shameful it is for a congressman to mock his
constituent. Funny seeing how often he mocks his viewers.

Minute 43: He says that we deserve the terrible government that we have. Probably because of people like you. Also, it amuses me how these people constantly forget that their least favorite politicians were VOTED in by popular vote (and that their favorite wasn’t). The sad ones are the minority.

Minute 54: Says that America is with the border patrol agents — he just showed multiple people decrying them. He really needs to understand that he and his viewers do not constitute an entire crazy little country.

Minute 54: Implying that socialists are against the police. As a socialist myself, I am extremely thankful to the police and would like them expanded. I think it’s obvious that Beck and his supporters want the opposite. I’d also like to point out that the police are a socialized service.

Minute 55: He says that people don’t distrust the government, they distrust the people in it. What’s the difference? I’m also sure that’s what the Teabaggers are crying when they march against ‘big government’.

Minute 59: Again, airtime for his book! He can just never resist the opportunity to make a buck.

Glenn Beck Program — June 29th, 2010

Minute 0: Accuses the entire New York Times staff of being communists. The media only has a liberal bias, Glenn, because truth has a liberal bias as well.

The only person who loves Canada more than Michael Moore is Glenn Beck. Now he's worried that hockey pucks will have a steep price increase.

Minute 1: Talks about the money that Canadian taxpayers are spending on the G-20 summit. Oh, so now Beck cares about Canada! And here I was thinking that he hated it, and its commie health care system.

Minute 2: He’s showing a hand-drawn chart displaying various countries’ GDP per capita. IT’S ERRONEOUS. You’re full of crap Beck.

Minute 7: Just listen to him, going on about the rich keeping their money. He never mentions the poor. He clearly doesn’t care about the lower class.

Minute 8: ‘America, I don’t think you’re stupid. But when a guy gets into a ‘scissors’ lift-’ He repeats the term again at 10 minutes.

Minute 8: He’s going to make a solemn swear — and he puts his left hand up to his right side. Oops.

Minute 9: Discussing a phony timeline that he’s made, says ‘before Christ’. You can’t bring religion into news. This is entertainment, plain and simple. Religion is just another lie anyway.

Minute 12: ‘This guy in Cambodia- this general area.’ He’s unable to pinpoint Cambodia on the globe — he’s not even in the right region.

Minute 12: He’s talking in a mock Russian accent now, clearly intending to be an ‘evil’ character. What’s the purpose of this? Does he realize that the Cold War ended 20 years ago? Xenophobe.

Minute 14: Now he’s talking about Obama wanting to stop drilling for oil. Beck says we should continue to drill, and keep it all for ourselves. Well, yeah, keeping it all four ourselves is the only way that we’ll have enough to last a significant amount of time.

Note: There’s a long break here in which Beck goes in circles, repeating points that he made before.

Minute 25: He’s making an argument that government spending doesn’t work — and, oh, he just lost his own argument. He demonstrates that after WWII, after all the big spending, everything was relatively fine. Unintentionally beating down his own argument, the fool.

Again with the circles. This is how he fills his time apart from lying.

Minute 44: Oh! What do you know. He’s touting his new book in the middle of the show. This is a fiction book by the way. He’s not even using it for excerpts, he’s just giving it airtime.

Minute 45: Talking about the protests at the G-8/G-20 by people wanting to end capitalism. He calls them anarchists despite visual signs advocating communism and socialism. He also displays quotes calling these people servants of the community. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t like them.

Minute 46: He’s referring to that story where Mao was on an ornament on the white house Xmas tree. No, Obama did not put that there — they got community groups to decorate the tree. But I’m sure Beck knows that.

Minute 52: Oop, now he’s slandering the late Senator Robert Byrd. Leave it Beck to disparage the dead.

Minute 53: Talking about Byrd’s former KKK affiliation (which he apologised for on multiple occasions). Really Glenn? Somehow I think that you would have been first in line behind him.

Minute 59: ‘White people of America: Warning! you’re going to learn stuff about our country that you didn’t know, but you need to see it. African-Americans: I warn you — you’re gonna find heroes, American heroes, that for some reason have been erased.’ I like how he narrows the whole thing down to these two races. Any Korean or Spanish viewers can just forget about it.

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July 4th, 2010 at 9:28 am

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  1. Please make more of these. Living in Russia I don’t have the ability to watch Beck’s show apart from Youtube clips(I guess I should count my blessings). I read your break-downs and became extremely curious as to how much time Beck spends waving his arms around and basically doing some kind of slap-stick. Serious political show my ass.

  2. Hello, Arslan,

    Thanks for your kind comments. I agree, Quinlan is really biting the bullet having to dissect such an ugly beast as a Glenn Beck TV show. It’s really a rotten job, and infuriating. Beck is very glib, so he’s a real fast talker. Now he says he’s talking for God, so perhaps it may even speed up a bit. As far as the waving off arms and slap-stick, this is what he does 100% of the time when he’s not weeping. (haha)

    I have read thorough your other comments and I am going to let Quinlan have the first crack at them because they are directed to a piece he wrote. I will join in after he’s had a chance. The reason I’m telling you this is because you raise some excellent points and you are obviously very fluent in the topics you discuss. I am going to post a quote from one of your posts with my emphasis added to whet the appetites of our readers. I guess my emphasis is added after 60 some years living and working in the fantasy-land world that we claim to be “democracy” and “free enterprise” and “private sector” and so on.

    This boils down to one of the crucial points that Becktards, Paultards, and even many liberals simply do not understand- there is no such thing as “the private sector” independent on one hand, and the government on the other. You simply cannot have capitalism in any form with the government, just as you cannot have any class-based society without some kind of state. This is based on a simple fact- you cannot exploit people unless you have some system of people with a monopoly on force to enforce such exploitation. People won’t work for free(like slaves) unless someone makes them. People won’t do some work for you for free unless you make them(feudalism). You can’t take peoples land so they are forced to work for companies, and then tell them everything they produce belongs to the owner who owes them no more than a wage far below the amount of value they produce(capitalism) unless you make them.

    Thank you again for your comments, and I look forward to jumping in with responses after Quinlan has a chance to publish them.

    Best regards,

    admin(Wexler)No Gravatar

    1 Sep 10 at 5:35 am

  3. Thanks for posting my quote there. I have often been frustrated by the attempts of libertarians or conservatives who try to distort the meaning of the word capitalism as well as the concept of private and public in order to further their ends. Here are some of the many arguments I have encountered based on these lies:

    1.(From Arguing with Idiots) The global crisis doesn’t prove that capitalism failed(this is a strawman anyway), because there are lots of different systems in the world and they were all hit by the crisis. Beck tries to make it seem like America is capitalist(when he wants it to be), but other countries are not, and ergo crisis can’t be blamed on capitalism. In reality the one country that doesn’t really run on a capitalist system(and yet is still somewhat affected by it) is North Korea.

    2. When you point out the horrors of American slavery, the Guilded Age, modern-day Russia, etc., libertarian types will “prove” that society wasn’t/isn’t capitalist because the government regulates X. In short, if there was a federal postal service, capitalism didn’t exist, ergo you can’t condemn Y society as capitalist.

    3. Liberals and populists of every stripe have also been confused by this idea that there are different types of capitalism, including “nicer” or tamed types like the Keynesianism of the post-war era or the New Deal before that. The problem is thus- What happened to that nice, middle-class building capitalism? The point is that the ruling class still had enough resources and connections to ensure, in time, the gradual restoration of their unfettered existence. Strap them down with chains but they will always break free unless totally expropriated.

    4. Folks on Beck’s far right also sometimes try to pretend that there’s some kind of difference between something called “free enterprise”(good) and (insert negative title here) capitalism(possibly bad). Well free enterprise isn’t a different system, it’s just a feature of capitalism.

    The supreme irony of Beck of course is that he and his followers not only don’t know anything about what they hate, but, as is the case with capitalism, the founding fathers, etc., they know virtually nothing about what they supposedly stand for.

  4. Hah! Love it!

    Had to put this one up right away, thanks for your precision butchering of the right’s folly. I especially enjoy the “Post Office” analogy; this is what I was hinting at on my “History of Progressivism” chart with the police and fire departments example. (The righties find this kind of example infuriating as they have no answer for it). They wouldn’t know a capitalist or socialist system if it was biting them on the ass.

    Where I hope this discussion leads, with Quinlan’s participation, is to what practical steps America can take now to stop the slide into real fascism and get us back on the road to some kind of system that has at least the faint smell of social justice about it.

    Thanks again! Great comment!


    admin(Wexler)No Gravatar

    1 Sep 10 at 6:47 am

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