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Glenn Beck:

Coward, liar, psychopath

Coward, liar, hypocrite challenges you to a collegiate L-D style debate lengthened to use 1 hour on any issue you dispute on this website; we will mutually agree on the topic and the wording of the topic.

Here would be a few suggestions:

Resolved: Barack Obama is a Socialist

Resolved: Barack Obama is a racist

Resolved: Programs of Barack Obama will lead to socialism

Resolved: Americorps is a plot to create a secret police force

Resolved: Homosexual marriage will lead to polyamorous marriage, bestial marriage, or incest

You can pick any person to form your debate team. The debate will be 1 hour in length and will cover only 1 topic. Strict observance of all rules will be enforced by a moderator, and any exception that you might have a propensity to do such as talk over someone else will result in disqualification. Oh, and we know you’ll try to find a way to cheat, because that’s what scum like you do.

You’re a liar, Glenn Beck, and you are a coward. We’re calling you out, defend your ideas in a debate or be known as a coward, a liar, and an idiot for the rest of your life.

William W. Wexler & Quinlan Ryan

Written by admin(Wexler)

September 26th, 2009 at 1:40 pm

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  1. Coward, liar, psychopath, asshole? Why are you so kind to that feces czar. The only challenge Beck would face would be who could do the biggest line of coke or take the most lithium without passing out.

    DkossNo Gravatar

    23 Oct 09 at 1:30 pm

  2. Perhaps he’ll start coming around to the idea as the Temple of Doom clock runs out. He’ll need something to keep his egomaniacal face in front of the camera.

    Tick, tock, tick, tock. Time’s a-wastin’, Man-baby.

    adminNo Gravatar

    23 Oct 09 at 3:29 pm

  3. i’m a douchebag that hangs out at the 912 progect website. I see you hang out ther two wonce and a while.

    you suck, you sucking mothersucker suck hole suckface.

    if I ever git hte chanch i will make you love glen beck so much that you might even love him more than my mormon ass.

    suck of, sucker

    URaDOUCHENo Gravatar

    1 Jan 10 at 5:35 pm

  4. Thanks for a comment, er, UraDouche.

    I suppose I should actually refer to you by your real name, or just say it. You’re a douche.

    Your cousin-humping breeding cockroaches had better get your shit together for a wild ride, sonny, because I’m just getting started. You’re mine, Glenn, you know it.

    Your reign of bullshit ends in 2010, I guarantee it. There’s one thing you can’t stand up to and that’s the plain truth. You’re OWNED.

    Have a nice day, Glenn.

    adminNo Gravatar

    1 Jan 10 at 7:10 pm

  5. Wow. A New Year but where are the new posts? Please write something new :) – Bill

    Bill MillerNo Gravatar

    3 Jan 10 at 10:48 am

  6. Yes, new stuff is on the way.

    We’ve been a bit on the frantic side, but things are starting to normalize so expect more scathing yet gentle commentary soon!

    adminNo Gravatar

    4 Jan 10 at 4:25 pm

  7. Thanks for a website that calls out this lying, scumbag, money-grabbing, coward, who could care less about this country!!! I have watched his show for laughs but sometimes his lies are so outragous I can’t stand it.

    anita fergusonNo Gravatar

    26 Feb 10 at 5:14 pm

  8. Thank you for your comments. I admire people who can stand to watch his show and get a humor reaction; it shows that he’s not entirely worthless because he makes a fairly good laughingstock.

    I have been a bit overwhelmed lately with some personal problems these last few months but once in a while I’ll put up a new piece when I get something I just can’t pass up. There should be a lot of work put into the static pages. Of course he spits out new crappola like a tommy gun every day. It’s hard to imagine, but I’d probably need a staff to keep up with his BS.

    Well, thanks again for your comment, and please stop by again sometime.

    adminNo Gravatar

    26 Feb 10 at 5:31 pm

  9. You say hes un american. Have you ever watched his show. Do you even know what the constitution is. when your dreamworld utopia that Obama promised to you comes crashing down reality will drown you all like being stuck the middle of the ocean. good luck to all you progressive scum. Look at Greece as a model of a socialist utopia, well give us 3 more years and we will be completely in debt. Keep drinking your cool aid and living a dream.

    beckforlifeNo Gravatar

    17 Mar 10 at 12:46 pm

  10. To “beckforlife”…

    Oh, I gots me a real live wire here…

    Here, ladies and gents, is the typical Beckerhead Teabagger. This is proof that the education reforms pushed off on us by George W. Bush, commonly referred to as “No Child Left Behind”, obviously FAILED.

    It’s humorous that you chose this particular place to post, since your post has absolutely nothing to do with this topic, namely, my challenge to debate the intellectually dishonest coward Glenn Beck in a formal debate. But your post is typical of Beckerhead morons who are clueless, frightened, little animals. You don’t actually address any issues or topics, you just spew a barrage of mindless bullshit, like shit stew, like what’s inside your cranium.

    So, this is just as good of a place as any to put you in your place. Your brand of internet vidiot who never read a book and couldn’t complete a syllogism is beginning to become legend.

    Yeah, I’ve read the Constitution. In fact, I’ve studied it. In fact, I know a lot about it, a lot more than you do, such as who wrote what parts of it and the content of the arguments that ensued about various articles. If you’re the typical Beckerhead, all you know about it would be the 2nd Amendment, which many of us interpret to mean that if you want to own a gun, join the National Guard. However, I won’t argue the Constitution with you. You probably have never read the Preamble, because you and your ilk get it mixed up with “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” to the great amusement and entertainment of all.

    I’m no fan of Obama but I can tell you that you have never paid attention to him, you just get your information from fucking morons like Beck, which makes you look like a fucking moron, too. Obama never promised anybody a utopia, so whoever gave you that idea is a liar. Obama is a center-right politician, who has, to the dismay of Constitutional scholars like me, failed to take action to hold the perpetrators of crimes against the nation accountable for them. Of course I’m talking about Bush/Cheney and torture, lying us into Iraq, illegal warrantless wiretapping, “extraordinary rendition” and other war crimes, and other civil rights issues that totally escape Constitution-wagging fucktards like yourself. To you, your civil rights mean carrying a gun and the rest is lost on you. That’s why people who gather in your rallies like the one yesterday can be heard saying that Nancy Pelosi is a traitor but you never said that about Dick Cheney when he outed Valerie Plame, an undercover CIA operative. You have a laughably short memory and equal paucity of any points of reference.

    The opposite of “progressive” is “regressive” and that’s what you and Beck and the GOP and everyone else in your camp are. You are regressive. The “scum” part, well, FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE.

    You keep screaming about socialism. You have no clue whatsoever as to what the fuck you are talking about. You are ignorant, you need to do some reading, punk. Get a fucking library card and go ask for some books about economics and government. I’ll bet you’ve never read anything about any of this. I can tell because you are invoking Greece as a socialist utopia. What a dumbfuck. If you want a socialist utopia model, why not one of the northern European nations with socialized medicine? What makes Greece “socialized”, putz? Your dishonesty?

    I think you’ve had the BeckerAide, which poisons the mind with hate and kills off any parts of the brain that still function. You’re only good for spewing lies and turning on Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Have some more Gold Bond powder, buy some more gold coins. They’ll do you a lot of good.

    The way that America got into debt was not through Obama policies of the last year. We got here by GOP policies of the prior 8 years. In order for you to NOT see that, you would have to be the most jaded, partisan, fucking IDIOT that I’ve ever wasted a post on.

    And with that, I’m finished with you. Go away.

    adminNo Gravatar

    17 Mar 10 at 3:10 pm

  11. A simple question here after that long-winded perspective of yours:

    After the finalization of Obama’s term as president, be it 4 years or 8, will it urk you if the incoming replacement follows in Obama’s shoes by continuously placing blame on the prior administration?


    30 Mar 10 at 1:27 pm

  12. Actually, I don’t see Obama doing that, since by asking the question you’re making the accusation.

    I think it’s quite obvious to anyone who is the least bit fair-minded that Bush left behind an economy on the brink of collapse, 2 unwinnable wars, an education system that is crippled by 8 years of unfunded mandates, a weakened military, a shattered reputation, and of course, a mass migration of wealth UP the food chain at the cost of a disappearing middle class.

    If you agree that Bush is blameless for the above list, then I’d discuss that with you. As far as your question, I am not Obama’s biggest fan and I think he’s already done things that I blame him for, starting with failing to prosecute Bush/Cheney for war crimes.


    adminNo Gravatar

    30 Mar 10 at 3:31 pm

  13. Wexler,
    Typical non-answer (redirect) for the Glenbeckckisks-ass question? What’s the matter – why not just answer the poster’s question directly? We’ve “heard” the other info already, numerous times.
    Who/what *should* I follow In your not so humble opinion. You related that you despised Bush, that your “no Obama fan” and a bunch of yadda, yadda. That’s all good, but…
    I have read a lot of your postings and really have little idea who and what you really stand for – other than bashing the right or occasionally disagreeing with the left, only to come back to Bush/Cheney. Not a problem, I just would like to know if I am just reading a bunch of hate related (waste my time BS) or if there’s a point to this. Give me a link/article/post that clearly tells me this so I can follow along or move on.
    The email addy is real, please shoot me some links etc.

    Nobody reallyNo Gravatar

    19 Apr 10 at 7:53 am

  14. Yeah, I did answer it.

    By him asking the question, he’s making the accusation that Obama is blaming everything on Bush.

    He’s not.

    Why don’t you prove Obama is doing that if you can?

    You can’t, all you can do is come into my site and post your shit. You ought to flush it, because you’re not only wasting my time, you’re wasting everybody’s time and our precious oxygen.

    We know where the hate machine is, all you have to do is tune in Faux News…. if you are unfortunate to hit Glenn Beck you will see an hour of distortions, smears, and OUTRIGHT LIES about the Obama Administration. So I guess we already know what would happen if the TeaBaggers won the Executive Branch… they’d have to turn us into a fascist state just to get us back from the brink of Socialism.

    You ignorant fucks leave me cold. You’ve got nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to add to this conversation. You are mindless, clueless, idiots. The NYT poll of TeaBaggers shows you to be the 45+ conservative elite with more education than average. That’s hard to believe, but when I was in Texas colleges I ran into some of the most fucktard mouthbreathing assholes I’ve ever met anywhere.

    Yeah, come to think of it, I ran into a lot of Rush listeners in engineering departments I worked in. Conservatives run wild, sniggering at the racist jokes of a coke addict.

    No wonder even YOU say this country’s best days are behind us. It’s YOU, motherfucker, it’s YOU….

    adminNo Gravatar

    19 Apr 10 at 10:03 am

  15. As an artillery Army veteran which is more than can be said about hypocrites Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh among COUNTLESS neocon talking heads such as Shawn Hannity- Bill Oreilly- Ann Coulter,etc.
    I loved what William W. Wexler wrote.

    LuisNo Gravatar

    15 May 10 at 3:43 pm

  16. Nice to see other blogs out here posting in this vein. It’s amazing that he is believed by anyone when his lies are often so obvious to anyone who watches the news.

    Victor TiffanyNo Gravatar

    13 Jun 10 at 1:22 pm

  17. I’m no fan of Glenn Beck, but it seems clear which side of the fence you fall on…
    Let’s set the record straight.

    * Obama isn’t a socialist – he’s a corporatist/globalist/warmonger – just like Bush was.

    * There is no Constitutional basis for the institution of AmeriCorps, regardless of it’s goals, this program should not exist.

    * Many of Obama’s programs are socialist in nature. This is hard to debate. The Healthcare plan is socialist in nature, yeah?

    I don’t see any proof that Obama is a racist, and I see no problem with homosexual marriages.

    LeeNo Gravatar

    9 Aug 10 at 10:58 am

  18. Hi Lee, thanks for your comment.

    My partner Wexler is the resident expert on AmeriCorps and Obama/Bush comparisons. I’ll go ahead and talk about the whole “social programs” thing though. America has a rich history of so called “socialist programs”. The police that protect you, the fireman that save you, those are both social programs. Libraries and national parks that you visit, social programs. Our public education is a social program. These are all things that different presidents have instated, that have been enjoyed by the American people for a very long time.

    In terms of health care- is the government option a social program? Yes. But what do you call Medicare that everybody loves?

    admin(Quinlan)No Gravatar

    9 Aug 10 at 11:11 am

  19. I am no fan of public education. It’s a dismal failure. Private education has consistently produced better results.

    To compare the nebulous AmeriCorps with Education, Police and Firefighters is a bit of a stretch, yeah?

    What need is AmeriCorps meeting that communities can’t do for themselves? Why are we spending money on this program? I can assuage the need for Police (although they run amok in many towns, with no consequence) and Firefighters, one could make a great case for the privatization of these services just as well – perhaps then when black folks are shot down for no reason, they’ll be able to find recourse? The way things are now, the Police are rarely punished for killing innocent folks.

    Medicare is a result of the sanctions put on Church/Charity run hospitals. This crackdown began in the early 20′s and through ever increasing laws, these Charity Hospitals ceased to exist over the next few decades, leaving us all dependent on Mother Government for our healthcare. Sure, there are a few left, but their setup is nothing like Charity Hospitals of the past.

    Ron Paul speaks to this to great effect. I highly suggest you check out his take on how Charity Hospitals were run out of town by Gov’t. Why would Gov’t do that, I wonder?

    Lastly, I must say that I worked in the Medicare sector for years, and to put it mildly, Medicare is deeply flawed. We can do better.

    All in all, I wish Obama were just a socialist! The way I see it, he’s no different than Bush – he’s a corporatist at best.

    LeeNo Gravatar

    9 Aug 10 at 12:20 pm

  20. PS – Where does the Coffee Party get it’s funding, by the way?

    LeeNo Gravatar

    9 Aug 10 at 12:21 pm

  21. I’m short on time at the moment, and again, I’m not the resident AmeriCorps expert. But I’ll agree that public education is a relative failure, and I also wish that Obama were a straight up socialist. Thanks for your comment.

    admin(Quinlan)No Gravatar

    9 Aug 10 at 1:34 pm

  22. [...] and I would like to take this opportunity to repeat our challenge to Glenn Beck to debate a topic we agree upon with a partner of his choice. It will be a judged collegiate [...]

  23. Lee,

    Well it seems that your experience in education is clear. You missed out, somehow. I have been in both private and public schools. Fact is, public schools perform better, by a wide margin, than private schools. The difference in private over public is simply this. In a private school, the instructors are paid to babysit and make you learn. In public, each student is on their own and must self motivate.

    Once in the adult private sector, public school graduates perform better and succeed faster than thos in private schools. Why? Because, the students in public schools had to self motivate.

    As for your disparaging comments of our President. I, having served my country in Afghanistan “the first time” and being in special forces in those days long ago, the kinds of things you are saying about Obama IS unpatriotic. Just like when people said Bush was a criminal. No different.

    But I fought, killed and got wounded so scum like you can spew your drivel. You piss-ant.

    Obama was elected by majority of electoral college votes and by majority of voters by a wide margin. He didn’t “steal” anything. Nobody “stole” America from anyone. Elections have consequences. We won, you lost.

    OUR president is putting into place the policies and the rules that he was elected to do. He is doing the best he can. He DID take over the biggest mess that could have been left behind. Two unwinnable wars, a spent surplus, a more than doubling of the national debt from 5.1 trillion to 10.9 trillion. Torture, rendition, spying on American’s, American’s held in jail for years with no trial.

    But a piss-ant like you forgets all that.

  24. I wonder how old Lee is?

    Lee, do you actually get what Medicare is? It’s not a “benefit”. It’s something that workers PAY for in payroll deductions. You may not like it but even dyed-in-the-wool GOPERs all over the country who are on Medicare say it’s a great program. Even the discombobulated cognitive dissonance crowd screaming against health care reform in the summer 2009, saying “Keep your socialist hands off my Medicare”.

    I agree with Bill in that you may have missed the Big Picture somehow. Instead of repeating total bullshit about AmeriCorps why don’t you go to their website and make an inquiry? It’s not like you’re asking to open negotiations with North Korea or something. Call them up, or email them, and ask to speak to a real person to see what AmeriCorps really does.

    I think you’ll be surprised, and I hope you’ll approve.


    PS your garbage about how charity hospitals were driven out of business by the mean old Big Government is just more Libertarian claptrap and anyone who believes that shit is wasting valuable lifespan living in a haze of misinformation. Come out of the haze… go to the light…

    admin(Wexler)No Gravatar

    2 Sep 10 at 9:39 pm

  25. I would like to ask the Admins some questions.

    1. Do you watch Glenn Beck’s show and/or Radio show?

    2. Do you look up the “facts” that Glenn Beck presents on his shows? ex. Do you research the information Beck presents and where he possibly got it from?

    3. Where do you get the information that you use to present your ideas about Beck as a liar?

    4. Are you a Socialist, Democrat, Liberal, Independent?

    5. What do you believe in?

    I am literally lost as to what you believe in. I know Americorps quite well, and as far as I am concerned, yes they do some nice things. You get to live for free and do community service. There really isn’t anything wrong with that at all. However, it would be worth questioning just how much Americorps costs to the taxpayer to really determine whether or not it is worth it’s goal.

    For example, if you can hire someone in a private sector job for cheaper than the cost for Americorps to host a citizen who works for free then Americorps is not worth its’ existence.

    Please note, I do not know the answer, this is merely a question.

    Now, to the hate issues. I understand you are against Glenn Beck and everything Republican, Libertarian, etc. etc.

    However, rather than debunking someone’s ideas because something is a bunch of “Libertarian claptrap” would it not make more sense to prove WHY Big Government is more effective than limited Government allowing the people to solve their own problems?

    If you clearly believe that Big Government is the answer to problems then would it not make sense to show us why?

    Could you please just show some real evidence showing where limited Government is more costly and less effective than Big Government?

    Also, is it at all possible to respond to this in a NICE, peaceful manner, or are you just going to spit out a bunch of profanities and scream about how republicans and people who have those viewpoints are a bunch of idiots?

    Mike RNo Gravatar

    10 Nov 10 at 10:42 pm

  26. 1. Yes.
    2. Yes.
    3. From his shows and other speeches etc.
    4. Yes, no, yes. The last one depends on what exactly you mean by independent. I’m not registered with either main party, if that’s it.
    5. In terms of God? I’m an atheist.

    I don’t hate everything conservative. I’m against illegal immigration, and affirmative action. Not everything is black and white.

    This site is mainly for Beck, so we don’t often write about unrelated issues. If you’d like to discuss big government, I’d be delighted to do so.

    admin(Quinlan)No Gravatar

    10 Nov 10 at 11:09 pm

  27. Hiya, Mike,

    First off, welcome to the site and thank you for your questions. It’s the first thing in the morning so I may not get all of them answered in one post, but I’ll do what I can. Also, no coffee yet, so you know what that means.

    The first question I would like to address is the tone of this website. Quinn and I are website partners but we don’t always agree on everything and tone is one of the issues that comes up frequently. He always comes down on the side of civility and patience. I, on the other hand, have been posting in political forums for over a decade (almost never do now, though) and some of them get pretty rough.

    Here’s the thing. Conservative politicos fight dirty. Fox News, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh are perfect examples of how the right wing has taken advantage of liberal complacency to build tools that slice liberal ideas to pieces every day. After Reagan rescinded the Fairness Doctrine and the FCC relaxed regulations on ownership of radio and TV outlets, it opened the floodgates for right wing hate speech which is pervasive in our culture. And it’s been detrimental to our nation.

    For example, no matter where you stood about invading Iraq, the facts are in. There were no WMD, the intelligence was rigged, Saddam Hussein was a former CIA asset. One of our own. Why would America make such a colossal blunder? It’s because the right wing media took every leak from the Bush White House and amplified it to a roar. Because of their relationship with Fox, Bush’s crew felt like they could do anything and get positive coverage on it.

    This is the long way around to addressing the issue of tone, but I’m working my way to that. After covering the Bush Administration closely I noticed that there were important news stories that should have been headline news regarding whether or not to invade Iraq that were largely unreported. They might get a few lines on the back pages of one of the papers, or even a front page, but it was almost as if people were entirely oblivious to public, factual information that clearly indicated that Iraq was not a threat to the US and had nothing to do with 9/11. However, the tone of the media noise machine made it seem as if we were about to be nuked by anthrax-spraying drones any minute now and we had to do something about 9/11, dammit, and anyone who says otherwise is a either a commie or a cheese-loving surrender monkey. Never mind that the UN weapons inspectors were nearly done with their task. Never mind that they said it was unlikely that they would find anything. Never mind that Scott Ritter said it was absurd to suggest that there could be a nuclear program in Iraq. Never mind that Tommy Franks warned that invading Iraq was going to end in a long stalemate that would require 3 times as many troops. (What? No candy and flowers thrown to the troops from adoring Iraqis?)

    The tone of the media made this happen. I made the conscious decision a decade ago that I was going to dump the “politically correct”, meek, turn-the-other-cheek mentality of the typical lefty. American leftists are fighting for the survival of our country. We are trying to prevent this nation from turning into a fascist police state, and time is running short.

    So when I cuss somebody out for their obvious ignorance and use harsh language to describe the dangerous, ludicrous crap that Glenn Beck takes on America every day there is a reason for it. I can understand why you don’t agree with my tone. But if it makes you stop and think, just for a second, that maybe you are a fool for believing that Beck is about anything other than Beck, it’s worth it. Believe me, I have better things to do than try to convince a pack of idiots that then need to understand that Glenn Beck is making shit up. Factoids are not the same as facts. Isolated facts taken out of context or misconstrued do not equal the truth, they equal hare-brained, unsupported allegations and smears. If you haven’t figured this out yet, you need to, and in a hurry.

    I used to respect the Libertarians because I appreciate any political group that works against the 2 party system. But the Libs are a throwback from 2 centuries ago that do not grasp the fact that we live in the 21st century. The Libs spew platitudes and grandiose schemes, but when it comes right down to it they have no plan whatsoever as to how to run government and you are about to have your face rubbed in that with Senator Rand Paul, one of the biggest idiots that has ever made it to the US Senate.

    I don’t need to defend Big Government. You are the one suggesting the change to the status quo. It’s your job to defend why the status quo needs to be changed, why it needs to be changed, and how you are going to fix it. You are arguing the need for change. What’s the need? Give me some examples. I might agree with your examples. Then give me some solutions, and I don’t want to hear Libertarian claptrap like “make the government smaller”. That’s not an answer, Mike, that’s a platitude. Listen carefully to Rand Paul, you are going to be smothered in platitudes.

    What Glenn Beck says about AmeriCorps is that it’s Obama’s secret private army that is armed to the teeth and will be used to suppress the American people. He says it has a budget bigger than the Pentagon. WTF?????

    I’m a socialist atheist, Mike, and I watch enough of Glenn’s show to provide information for this website. I’m not a lemming or a sheep like his viewers. I’m not a mastodon waiting to be stampeded over a cliff to buy Goldline products and lose 42% of my money the instant the bell on their cash register rings. I’m a trained engineer, which means that my mind has been trained to analyze and define problems and solutions and pick the one likely to succeed. In other words, I’m part of the educated class that Idiot America hates because we actually do the research, read the books, and provide real facts that are different from what Idiot America wants to believe.

    Speaking of books, I want you to read one. Idiot America, by Charles Pierce. If you read that book and still think that Glenn Beck is on the right track, then there’s no hope for you.

    But thanks for your comment.


    admin(Wexler)No Gravatar

    11 Nov 10 at 7:02 am

  28. Hi there
    I voted for Obama as I belived him. I was wrong. He is nothing but a mouthpiece for republicans. Please give me a real Democrat to vote for in 2012.Obama is a disgrace to a real Democrat. If you run for President you will lose. I will be glad. Obama you are a con man. Go back to Chicago. GET LOST YOU PHONY. hOW I HATE YOU CON MAN. Yes you are a loser. You kill innocent Arabs via Drone airplanes. I know that you also KILL innocent Arab children and you have never SAW any people die from your DRONE ATTACKS.

    Richard WhiteNo Gravatar

    13 Dec 10 at 6:04 pm

  29. Look, I agree that Obama isn’t what we all hoped he’d be. But that said, you can’t be so hard on the guy. He ended the main portion of Iraq, he brought us (albeit watered-down) health care, and he’s brought a real voice to the repeal of DADT. Please vote to re-elect him in 2012. NO other democrat has any chance of winning, and democrats voting for people other than the incumbent will only increase the chance of somebody terrible like Mitt Romney winning. Obama is not ideal, but he’s a hell of a lot better than the alternative.


    admin(Quinlan)No Gravatar

    13 Dec 10 at 6:15 pm

  30. Richard,

    I understand your feelings completely and even share them, but maybe not as vehemently as you do. I am not sure that Obama would lose in 2012 if he is the Democratic Party candidate, because we don’t know what will happen between now and the election. I have a feeling that, unfortunately, the GOP controlling Congress is going to be a total disaster for the country. Boehner is a corrupted fool trying to demagogue his way through the pallet loads of $100 bills that are being thrown at the GOP from everywhere, including from our foreign adversaries. Cantor is a dunce. McConnell is a traitor by bribery and McCain by actually being a traitor as a hostage in Viet Nam. Palin and Beck and O’Reilly and Bachmann run the right wing of the country, and Americans seem to be OK with that.

    Well, they are for now. Money is going to keep sliding up the food chain and the rest of us will be writhing around in the pits below scrambling for the crumbs off of their table. The legal system will still punish people based on race, giving a black man 50 years in California for stealing $100 worth of kids’ videotapes while white white collar criminals who bilk people out of $millions will simply get probation. Politicians like John Ensign who are clearly guilty of abusing their office will stay in power. So will Jim DeMint. We have been scandalized so much that we have scandal fatigue and nothing lives in our minds longer than 24 hours unless Faux News keeps repeating it and repeating it, which is what they do every time they have anything damaging on the lefties.

    Unlike you, I did not vote for Obama, I voted for Nader. I worked on the Obama campaign here in Iowa and then gave up on him, throwing my hands in the air as he walked back from important, key positions he had staked out in previous speeches. Or, in short, he took a hard turn to the right. That’s the way the Democrats do it, every single time. They need progressives at election time to get out the vote and operate the phone banks and put shoe leather on the street. As soon as they win, they’re done with us. We’re thrown off the bus and then run over a few times just to make a point. I had to laugh the other day, I saw a clip of Obama scolding progressives for not being thrilled with all the wonderful shit he’s done.

    I’m not thrilled, and neither is anyone else I know. There is going to be a legal challenge to the health care reform that could tie it up in legal knots while insurance companies keep raping the nation and those who can’t afford it are just discarded as trash. Afghanistan has the potential to get very ugly at any time. There are scores of problems that should have been dealt with and have never been brought up because the politicians are too scared to rock the boat without some commitment from their President, and that’s not been forthcoming from Obama.

    If Bush’s Presidency will be remembered of the one where our government lost its mind, then Obama’s will be remembered as the one where he lost the opportunity to fix the errors of the last one.

    I agree with you. I hope Obama gets primaried by a strong progressive candidate like Russ Feingold. If Feingold managed to give Obama and the Wookie the boot, more power to them. I never thought I’d say this, but I have reached the point where I finally believe that things are so out of control that it doesn’t matter who gets elected. We’re all gonna get screwed.


    PS You may notice that Quinn and I don’t always agree on everything. We believe that this actually makes us stronger and a better website.

    admin(Wexler)No Gravatar

    13 Dec 10 at 8:11 pm

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