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Farewell to a Demagogue

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Well, it’s over. After five years of de facto treason, Glenn Beck is leaving television. And I must say, it’s been one hell of a ride. Between his insistence of George Soros’ one-world government, countless liberal-Hitler analogies, and astronomical raising of the mean number of times a TV host cries on air, the people that actually like to keep their facts straight have had to work pretty hard to compete. There were good times, and there were bad times. I particularly enjoyed the Jon Stewart parodies and the various compilation videos of his 9-12 rallies. But of course, the good times were really just our desperate grasps at the silver lining, the silver lining of a terrifying cloud comprised of gullibility, hatred, fear, and religion all

Something tells me that the internet does not prefer this guy to "Nyan Cat".

blown along by Beck and those like him. Glenn Beck has provided the inspiration for attempted murderers. He’s fed thousands, maybe millions of people information that is simply not true. But worst of all, he’s made people love him for it. And who is the fool – the fool, those who follow him? Of course, a good deal of it has been aided by indoctrination. Young people raised in conservative homes essentially have no choice whether or not to listen or examine – they’re forced, trained into it. And the older people have learned that anything is alright, as long as it’s done in the name of the Christian god.

And I want to say, and I would be delighted to say, that this is the end. But it’s not. It’s not even close. Being on Fox news was and likely always will be the highlight of his career, but he’s not going to let it be the last chapter either. His daily program will continue online. For $5 a month (even more for a premium service), viewers will gain access to Beck’s continued daily broadcasts. And I, for one, think that this is great news. Because the internet, I believe, is not entirely for people in Beck’s demographic. Few die-hard Beck conservatives know their way around a computer. Even fewer will take the time and initiative to investigate his website. Fewer still will actually be will be willing to pay for and watch a man scream and cry at them for two hours a night. I am not happy, because Fox News still lives, and religion still kills. But I am happy, because unless he has invented and will perpetrate success for a rash new business model, Glenn Beck’s mainstream popularity is dead. Tonight, I can claim, and America can claim, a very small measure of victory. The true patriot is not a person that wants no change. The true patriot is the one who wishes for all Americans to be free and live life in the fair pursuit of happiness. And as a true patriot, tonight I rejoice. Congratulations, everyone.


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June 30th, 2011 at 9:29 pm

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Special Comment by William W. Wexler

As we predicted months back, Glenn Beck is leaving Fox News, having milked the cash cow past the point of insanity into the land of dangerous paranoid delusions.

As yet, Beck has not announced that his tear-soaked departure will be accompanied by his woe-laced life where poor widdle him will allow God to “take my eyes”.

Glenn Beck having Vapo-Rub applied to face so he can "cry"

Crocodile tears, phony posturing, fractured history, and crackpot conspiracy theories. Move along, no Honor here.

Fox News has been the primary platform from which Beck has nurtured his culture war on “progressives” and George Soros, among others, with a campaign of lies, slurs, smears, and nasty dis-information.  He claimed the mantle of TeaBagger Leader with the 9/12 Project, which he threw off and under the bus the next year with his failed “Restore Honor” rally at the nation’s capitol.  His “Restore Honor” rally was the beginning of the end; he started a failing bid to become the next Billy Graham and by doing so he alienated the TeaBagger Christians (he’s a Mormon) and the red-meat nutjobs who don’t want forgiveness chat, they want blood and guts.

It is unclear what part Rupert Murdoch has played in this separation, but one has to see that he is a forward-looking businessman and that Beck’s craziness has contributed to making Fox News the most polarized and least respected source of information on the planet.  Congratulations are due to, who took over the task of the sponsor boycott and stayed with it.  Next up will be cutting Beck’s book sales off at the knees by selective boycotts of booksellers, who are already struggling to stay alive from internet competition.

This will not affect the Glenn Beck Report, which will continue to provide you with the facts about Glenn Beck until he his hounded off America’s airwaves and beyond.  Quinn assures me that he is ready, willing, and patient to stay the course until it’s finished.


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April 6th, 2011 at 12:32 pm

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James O’Keefe, Glenn Beck, and the Death of Reputable Journalism

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In 2007, James O’Keefe made recordings under false pretenses, selected the few most favorable circumstances, and got black leaders to call Planned Parenthood a genocidal institution and call for defunding. In 2009, James O’Keefe made recordings under false pretenses while posing as a criminal (technically, he doesn’t have to pose at all), selected the few most favorable circumstances, made heavy and misleading edits, and singlehandedly disbanded one of the most influential humanitarian organizations in the United States. And now, in 2011, James O’Keefe and his friends broke the law to make a recording under false pretenses, selected the most favorable lines, edited the video to show them completely out of context, and it now looks like America’s most reputable, honorable, non-partisan news station might lose support of public funding. His patsy, Ron Schiller (NPR’s VP of fundraising) has now been forced out of a job.

James O’Keefe is a criminal. Unlike most things he’s said recently, that’s no lie -- it’s not even taken grossly out of context. Fraud, entrapment, slander, his list of crimes just keeps getting longer and longer. He was arrested in January 2010 trying to interfere with the phone lines of a U.S. Senator (wonder what he was going to do with those). In August, he lured a CNN reporter onto a boat filled with sex toys -- he’d told her he was going to give her an interview for her story on young conservative activists. O’Keefe is a bad man. He’s a criminal. He’s a liar, and he’ll do whatever he wants to get people to come to his way of thinking.

"James O'Keefe" is to "pimp" as "NPR" is to "partisan"

I’ve been caught in some interview situations before. I really want the other party to say certain things so that I can use it against them. But a lot of the time, it just doesn’t happen. I’m not going to force them into saying it, we call that entrapment and it completely invalidates my point. I’m not going to take something they say out of context, because that makes me look bad and thus they look better. And if I interview a hundred people and only one gives me something close to what I want, I might publish that. But I’m not going to call it the official stance of the organization, and I’m not going to assume that the other hundred I’ve already talked to hold the exact same opinions. Sadly, throughout his lengthy history of shady escapades, O’Keefe has managed to do the exact opposite of every single one of these things. What he’s done to NPR isn’t even the worst, if you ask me (I’m still pretty enraged about ACORN). It’s just the latest, and the one that people care about -- with no basis at all.

Some of the stretches of the truth in the tape are infuriating. The narrator, for example, says that the potential donor group Schiller is meeting with is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood. No matter which way you look at it, that’s an outright lie. Furthermore, Schiller had absolutely no way of knowing about any potential (false) Brotherhood ties. The organization was introduced to him as the “Muslim Education Action Center”. I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds entirely innocuous. At another point in the cut, Schiller is shown laughing jovially at MEAC’s mission statement of spreading acceptance of Sharia. Turns out the laughter was taken from elsewhere in the tape -- he was laughing at a restaurant mix-up.


The full, unedited, harmless tape can be found here:

O’Keefe’s edited video -- this will make you angry:


I’ve seen comments comparing O’Keefe’s actions with Chris Hansen’s on “To Catch a Predator”. In that show, he lured in criminals under false pretenses and exposed their previously committed crimes. The NPR tape is not like that. Schiller, an innocent man with largely innocent opinions, was lured in under false circumstances. He was then taped making a lot more innocent statements (some I don’t agree with, but still nothing that should cause a sensation). And then, this innocent man with innocent opinions at an innocent organization was falsely made to look like a conservative-hating lunatic.

But honestly, I’ve spent enough time debunking Jim O’Keefe’s counterintuitive conservative lie-fest. By now, we’re used to conservatives slandering their opponents however they can to get what they want. It’s a disgusting practice, but it’s to the point where it doesn’t even surprise me anymore. What’s heartbreaking this time is that it may lead to the defunding of one of the world’s most important news sources and all-around fantastic in every way media outlets. In the unedited tape, Schiller made it very clear that any opinions he expressed were his own and absolutely not those of NPR. He was entitled to those opinions. I’m not saying that it was a good idea for him to express them, it wasn’t. It’s never a good idea for a high-ranking official to express opinions contrary to those of his organization, especially when that organization tries so hard to remain opinion-free. And whenever this kind of thing happens, history repeats itself and gets angry at the organization for the actions of the ill-advised official. So whether O’Keefe’s filthy edits had been made or not, Schiller was a bit of a fool.

A fool to bring about the most dire of consequences. If federal funding is pulled from NPR, tons of local stations will die. Talk radio may take decades to recover. And most of all, people will lose the most balanced source for news this side of the BBC. Conservatives seem to always have this idea of NPR being the left wing’s Fox News (and of Fox News being unbiased?). That’s not true. Like so many of their other opinions, they hear a sound bite, hear their favorite pundits railing against it, and assume this fraudulent idea that NPR is a bastion of socialism and baby-killing. It’s a lie.

Shirley Sher- oops, I mean Ron Schiller

Anybody who wants to challenge me, please, turn on NPR for two hours. When you’re not hearing a game show or comedy programming of some kind, you’re hearing the news -- as it is. They don’t spin it. They don’t even take a stance on it. They report it. As NPR’s Ira Glass put it, “Go through this morning’s ‘Morning Edition’ and find me even a sentence that smells like political bias to you. Like find one.” And I’m sorry, I truly am, if news without spin seems liberal. It’s called “truth”, and conservatives hate it. CNN has correspondents from both sides of the aisle, and I get sick of hearing them say things that don’t belong in with the news. MSNBC and Fox respectively have taken a definitive stance on one side of the aisle or another, and spin stories their own way or even lie (Ten lies at Fox for every one at MSNBC, of course).

But NPR, it doesn’t do that. Sometimes it pulls in an expert from one side or the other, but they just give their analyses of what’s going on. And if one story is analyzed by a conservative, you can bet the next one will be by a liberal. Even during their non-news programming, the network employees don’t take a stance. I’ve even heard Peter Sagal (Host of NPR’s ‘Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me’) making fun of the entire situation, calling Tea Partiers something along the lines of the most beautiful, educated people he’s ever met.

Federal funding for public radio allows local stations all around the nation to provide people with quality programming around the clock. Without NPR, we’re stuck listening to unprofessional broadcasters putting their uneducated comments on events that they’re probably uneducated about. We’re stuck with two-bit shock jocks and bad music stations where DJs experiment with the sound boards. I really, really don’t want any of those things.

But with NPR, people are exposed to such a wide variety of professional, quality programming that they’ll feel dirty ever going back. Non-partisan humor, talk, stories on every topic from a blind cyclist to Houston’s new girl band. They must have so many awards at this point that they need federal funding just to afford the warehouse in which to store them. In an age where every reporter influences the news, we cannot afford to lose one of the last bastions of truly honest reporting. We can’t afford liars like O’Keefe to leave hundreds or thousands out of a job and millions out of honest news. I don’t know what’s going to happen at this point, but you can be sure that it won’t be O’Keefe printing an NPR-style redaction of incorrect details.

"Ira Glass" is to "excellent reporting" as "Glenn Beck" is to "inflammatory falsifications"

Anyway, that’s just a lot of background information. What you came here looking for, of course, is information on Beck’s now infamous involvement in this whole thing. As many of you have probably heard by now, Beck’s website “The Blaze” has published an article completely debunking O’Keefe’s tape, meanwhile being quite easy in Schiller. The piece was NOT written by Beck himself, but by Scott Baker, the site’s editor-in-chief. He was working with an analysis of the edited tape done by Pam Key, another employee who often produces video for the site.

When I first heard what was going on, I assumed that someone at The Blaze had gone rogue. But then I heard Glenn accepting compliments for the work done, and I figured maybe he’s one of the conservatives that realizes that NPR isn’t partisan. They’d done a lot of unbiased coverage of his 8/28 rally, after all. But after discussion with colleagues and further thought, I realized that doesn’t seem right either. He’s railed against NPR before. He’s always complaining about taxpayer money going to things like this.

What an article on Beck’s site says is this: Scott Baker was suspicious of the edited tape. He called Glenn asking if he could examine and write about the raw tape. Glenn said yes because, and I quote, “We’re not going to Shirley Sherrod someone.” In the same breath he said that he hated NPR and had no agenda against O’Keefe, but it’s still something very interesting to think about.

Why? Why didn’t Glenn feel willing to “Shirley Sherrod” someone? If you’ll recall, back in July, he was actually defending her. Even saying that she may deserve her job back. I don’t know how his head works, but that’s the truth, that’s what happened. I HATE Glenn Beck. I wish nobody had ever heard of him. I wish he’d never made it farther in society beyond his little DeLoran crash. He’s caused irreparable harm to thousands, maybe millions of people. But I’m not going to lie about him. I don’t need to. The truth provides me with enough ammunition. And the truth, along with my very reluctant moral compass, tells me that in the case of Shirley Sherrod he… he did something kinda good.

Is this NPR scandal the same? Did he, along with the employees at The Blaze, do kinda good? I don’t want to be quick to make judgments, so until we observe further fallout from this story I’ll remain largely neutral on that one. What I can say is that a lot of people have seen the NPR video debunked because of The Blaze. I can also say that the Blaze article was completely partisan, and that’s absolutely not how it should have been. It wasn’t good reporting. It was downright bad reporting helmed by downright bad people. But sometimes, even good can come of evil. The slogan of The Blaze is “The truth has no agenda.” I don’t think that’s true, and we can see that The Blaze never cares about filling everything up with their agenda. But for some reason, they choose to report the truth now and again -- no matter what consequences it may have for conservatives. I’m even inclined to think that Beck lost a few raving fans over this one -- but gained a few as well. I’ll call it an even trade.

Aw, don't cry Glenn. All the educated people hate you and now Fox News does too, but Tea Baggers still love you. Right?

The truth is, as far as I’ve been able to tell, that Glenn Beck’s moral compass is completely broken. Not in the way that it always points south, but in the way that it points many ways for no apparent reason. He has no problem inspiring killers. He’ll lie about the fairly elected president. He’ll use racial and homophobic slurs, he’ll lie about the founding of this nation, he’ll lie about the constitution, he’ll disparage anybody with religious beliefs that don’t conform to his. But he’ll defend Shirley Sherrod. And he’ll post a debunking of James O’Keefe. Please, don’t be fooled by one good action in the midst of a thousand bad ones. See the forest -- and the trees.

What a lot of people find most interesting about this, of course, is his closeted disagreement with Fox News, which has had no problem accepting and embracing O’Keefe’s video. Many seem to take this as a sign that Beck will leave the network once his contract ends at the end of this year. But from where I stand, the NPR scandal has affected very little between Glenn and the network either way. He’s been hinting at a split for a long time, and just a few days ago he commented of their relationship that “the only thing certain in life is change.” If I were a betting man, I’d certainly put everything I had on Glenn going independent once his contract ended. It’s a poorly kept secret that even Fox has been considering not offering a renewal of his contract. His ratings have been dropping for months. In a disgusting, lying, extremist network, he’s the most disgusting, lying extremist sack of crap they have, and people are starting to notice.

The sad truth is that both Fox and Beck might be better for that split. Beck’s got a diehard core of fans that listen to every show he produces, watches every TV program he’s ranting on, reads his stupid little books and attends his stupid little movies. He’s built himself quite the little empire, and can only go so much farther while he’s tied to the network. And Fox News, as partisan as it is, needs to maintain a grain of sanity if they want to attract a large base of modern conservatives. They’re not going to hire a liberal to replace Glenn. They’ll just hire someone who spins and stretches the truth instead of lies, and who just raises their voice instead of yelling. It’s not a good change. The split will be bad for everyone -- except for Beck and his money, and except for the network and their ratings.

-Quinlan Ryan


Next up: Glenn Beck, Japan, and America’s shattered ethics

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Glenn Beck – Accessory to Murder

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Glenn Beck is an accessory to murder. I think that many people have known this for a long time now. Of course, he’s never pulled the trigger himself, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is responsible for making killers into what they are, and ordinary gullible people into violent conservatives.

Conservatives have always been a violent group, supporting militarism, retribution, and a tribal us versus them worldview. Vicious rhetoric is no stranger to them. But not since the era of Senator Joseph McCarthy before have we seen such violent rhetoric normalized and promulgated over mass media. Fox ‘News’ is omnipresent throughout today’s media, and their formula to success is to promote sensationalism with a mob mentality. Their very red meat is presenting exaggerations, half-truths, and outright lies as news with impunity.

There are no fact-checking organizations that have the same reach as Fox into the public square, so many of their assertions are simply repeated as facts until proven wrong. Even then, Fox acts as if they either never said anything or did nothing wrong, and simply moves on to the next work of sensational rubbish. Some hold the view that this is okay, as long as people only watch Fox for opinion rather than facts or news. Glenn Beck has proven the power to single-handedly prove them wrong. His opinions, time and time again, incite people to violence.

"Money?! For average Americans?! You're a communist! YOU HATE THE CONSTITUTION!"

There’s a litany of examples that I could turn to, but first let’s go to the most recent example of Professor Frances Piven. Ms. Piven is 78 years old, and she is a widow. But these are just things to make one feel even more pity for her -- they’re not even relevant in light of the events. We all know how Glenn likes to find a person and rant about them with the help of his famous chalkboard, crocodile tears, and unfounded accusations. Well unfortunately, Ms. Piven happened to be his latest target.

45 years ago -- yes, you read that right, 45 years -- Professor Piven co-authored an article with her husband about establishing a national guaranteed income. The topic of the article (again, not entirely relevant) was a call for a movement to overwhelm public welfare rolls in order to bring this about. It’s not a view that makes sense to me, because I don’t think that ends justify means. But nevertheless, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a minimum national income. Or is there? There sure is, or at least that’s what Glenn Beck says. According to him, average people with money is known as “the fall of capitalism”. And if we’re talking about the Republican version of capitalism, in which income disparity continues to grow by the year, then I’m actually inclined to agree with him. Disgusting.

Anyhow, it seems like Piven is Beck’s latest Van Jones (remember that?), and his sick lie-filled rants are proving just as effective. Van Jones, as we know, resigned. Well Piven is 78 years old, and a bit past the point where she can just retire from the spotlight to get away from Beck. In fact, she’d already done that -- these articles were written when Beck was only two years old. So why did he do it? Maybe he figured that if he picked any relevant material it would be too easy for people to call him out on his crap. Maybe he’d exhausted his supply of modern ranting material. Or maybe, he’s just a drunken Mormon dingbat that sees something and wants to yell about it. I pick the latter.

But I digress. Ever since Glenn started his deranged little pontifications, conservatives have been doing what they do best -- they listen without thinking, they get angry without seeing why, and then they get violent. And in this case, they threaten to kill. Piven has received threats to her email including, but of course not limited to ‘Die you c***’ and ‘May cancer find you soon’. Comments were posted on Beck’s site directed at her. “Maybe they should burst through the front door of this arrogant elitist and slit the hateful cow’s throat.” “Big Lots having a rope sale I hear, you buy the rope and I will hang the wench. I will spin her as she hangs.” Beck’s program has never even tried to contact Piven.

Of course, Beck claims to denounce violence. Fox claims to denounce violence. But this, of course, is just another lie in a long string of fabrications from the people responsible for a litany of death threats, pressured resignations, and even killings. If they cared about these threats, if they did not support these threats, they’d delete them from their websites, they’d apologize, and Beck would speak out against them on his show. Hell, I’ll make a vow right now -- if anybody ever comments on my site with a serious death threat, I’ll delete it. And if it lasts long enough for somebody to catch wind of it, I’ll apologize. It’s only the right thing to do.

"Beck will deny everything about violent approach, deny everything about conspiracies, but he'll give you every reason to believe it ... I understand what he's doing." - Byron Williams

Threats of violence and death from Beck’s crowd are old news to us, and old hat to them. What’s (only slightly) newer? Actual killing. Of course, he didn’t quite make it, but let’s start with Byron Williams. He planned to drive to the Tides Foundation with his rifle, shotgun, and pistol, and go on a killing spree. Luckily, the police pulled him over and arrested him after a firefight, but that’s not where his story ended. In prison, he gave interviews, expressing his love for Glenn Beck’s program in particular(along with Alex Jones and others), and how it was Glenn’s vicious attacks on the Tides Foundation, over many programs, that validated his desire to kill eleven people or more.

Wouldn’t all of this be enough? After shootouts, attempted murder sprees, and twisted death threats, couldn’t a person just call it quits? Admit that what they were doing wasn’t helping, or at least change their course of action so that they were sharing opinion without inciting hatred? At least, after all this, if nothing else a person could issue an apology.

Well not Glenn. Most people would choose the apology, but instead he chooses to continue on his current path, and help inspire Jared Loughner to kill six people and shoot Congresswoman Gabby Giffords in the face. It’s demonstrable that Loughner was a mentally ill man, but ideas like his do not come from nowhere. Beck is the most outspoken proponents of returning to the gold standard, as was one of Loughner’s many unhinged opinions. But furthermore, Beck had launched into an attack of Giffords on his program just months earlier. Of course, we can’t blame everything on Beck, but I’d certainly say that we can hold him responsible for being one of the multiple things that pushed him over the edge.

Guns don't kill people. Conservative extremists kill people. With guns.

After the shooting, Beck issued a plea to stand together against all violence. Of course, this particular statement was one of the biggest ‘epic fails’ in recent memory, because a) he uses explicitly violent rhetoric on a weekly basis, and b) the statement was posted right next to a picture of himself… holding a handgun and trying to look like some kind of action star.

Violent rhetoric, you ask? Just months before, Beck (surprise surprise) called democratic leaders ‘communists’ that ‘have called for a revolution’, and told his listeners “You’re going to have to shoot them in the head”. That is an exact quote. As for the handgun, if you hadn’t believed in his complete insincerity before then, that should definitely be the clincher.

Glenn, I don’t want anybody to kill you in cold blood, as you seem to want for so many people with ideas you dislike. I’m not going to paint a map with targets on your house, I won’t even use any violent rhetoric without providing a disclaimer in the same breath. When I don’t like somebody, what I hope for is that they get taken out of the spotlight, arrested, and/or hit with a hefty fine. And I’d like all of those for you.

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Farewell from Wexler

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It’s with a great deal of sadness that I announce that I’m retiring from The Glenn Beck Report, and the internet in general. I hate to leave at such an important and dangerous time. The hard-won gains of progressives from the last 50 years are under attack by people who are funded to the max and interested in imposing their way of life on everyone else. Primarily they want to keep pushing money up the food chain, which is destroying the middle class, destroying our manufacturing economy, and creating a permanent underclass.

I have found a very capable partner to take over. Quinn is a tenacious, logical, and fair debater and is passionate about the same issues that I am. We mostly agree, but not on everything, which I think is a plus. I wanted someone to inherit this site who would keep it going in the spirit of the old site, but with their own mark heavily on it, not as a clone.

In trying to determine the root cause of our present predicament, I have concluded that one of the major problems, if not the biggest, is dereliction of duty by the press. How ironic that I have lived from the era of short wave radio to the era of instant worldwide communications and people know less about their government and issues than ever before. This is because of a planned, deliberate takeover of the press by right wing forces which started in 1982 with the Reagan FCC taking out the Fairness Doctrine. This was a direct reaction to Nixon being hounded out of office by the press.

Soon we will be fighting for the lives of political sites like this one. There is another plot afoot, this time to choke off the resistance by taking away our bandwidth. Net neutrality is the latest battleground and we will lose that fight, I fear. The question that haunts me is this: how long will it be before anyone even realizes what happened? It’s been almost 30 years since the right wing moneyed interests killed the free press and very few people even know that a free press ever existed.

I had a discussion with an old acquaintence recently who is someone who should know better than to believe Beck. He spun through a whole construct of Beckian conspiracy theories that led up to the Soros-esque characters who actually control the whole world. His conclusion was, “Why do you even bother? The situation is hopeless and you have no power to change it.”

My answer to him was that I knew someday the next generation would realize what a sorry load of mess we left for them to clean up… and I wanted to be able to look them straight in the eye and say “I didn’t do everything I could to stop it but at least I tried.” Well, as illness takes me out of the game, I’m making that apology to the young reading this post today or sometime down the road. I DID try, and somehow you are going to have to try harder, and smarter, and with more solidarity and less isolation than we did. Start with the Fairness Doctrine. That’s the key, I think. If the facts are told straight people will start living in the real world instead of the cartoon environment we live in now.

William W. Wexler says goodbye

Farewell, have courage.

Be strong and never underestimate the strength, cunning, and ruthlessness of your opponents. They will not hesitate to put one in your back if you give them the chance.

Best regards,

William W. Wexler
January 28, 2011

A New Beginning

Hi everyone, I’m Quinn Ryan. A lot of you should be familiar with me already, as I’ve been a co-administrator here for months and an author here for even longer. Though I must admit that the departure of my colleague and dear friend Wexler leaves me a bit heartbroken, I very much look forward to taking on the site for my own and continuing to create quality content for the masses. I’ll continue to post articles on a regular basis, carry on every possible discussion in the comments, manage our Facebook page, respond to emails, and update our ever popular lies page. I hope to work with you to publish for the truth, as long as bigots publish lies.

All the best,

Quinlan Ryan

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January 28th, 2011 at 5:13 pm

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We are very happy to announce that is back on the internet waves. After a few mishaps and some good technical assistance from our webhost, we are now up and running and ready to take on Glenn Beck lies as he lies them.

Beck has a gun in his hand on the website before it got scrubbed

Oh, looky, it's Glenn Beck with a pistol. Oh, yes, that's the picture that he SCRUBBED from his website after Tucson, isn't it. Tsk tsk.

Glenn is on a terror with his rotten whining about being named in the group of right wing commentators who uses inflamed rhetoric. Poor widdle me, says Glenn, I would never advocate violence. Then why did you scrub the picture of you with a semi-automatic pistol in your hand from your website after the Tuscon shooting? Why, Glenn? Did you think someone might actually link you with the things you say on national TV and radio?

No? Really Glenn, you are one of the most violent men on TV. You tell people that their livelihoods are being threatened by people who don’t have anything to do with it. You say people are planning to kill you. You tell them to be prepared for whatever will happened. You toe the typical Mormon line, which says be armed to the teeth and have drills with your community on a regular basis.

What about the time you were pouring “gasoline” on a member of your crew on live TV and standing there with a BIC? What about the time you said you would strangle Michael Moore with your bare hands? What about the time that you accused the Tides Foundation of being in a plot to destroy America?

Glenn, you are a domestic terrorist and you ought to be on the NO FLY list. You shouldn’t be able to buy ammo, you should have your broadcast license jerked for inflammatory language trying to incite the overthrow of the US Government.

But none of that is going to happen, so we’ll just sit out here and snipe at you. Not in the “literal” sense, Glenn, only in the “figurative” sense. You see, you’ve been in our sights as a target from Day 1, and you keep loading our guns for us. And you give us plenty of motivation to pull the trigger, too.

Glenn pours gasoline on living human being

With ratings dropping, next time he's going to have to start the fire

Of course, this is all meant in figurative sense. We are pacifists who don’t own guns and don’t believe in killing human beings. We can’t be held responsible for the actions of some nut job with a long range rifle, even if he got the idea from reading our website.

Get the picture? It should be clear as day. We’re pacifists. We just use strong language. It’s all just words, words never hurt anyone. I mean, if someone poured fake gasoline all over Glenn Beck and then held up a BIC lighter, that would just be a joke, wouldn’t it?

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January 20th, 2011 at 11:54 am

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Should Candy be Banned from Schools?

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We’re back! Kinda. Avid readers have surely noticed by now that the site has been very sick for a couple of weeks. No, nobody tased me, bro, but sometimes that’s just how frustrating it is to work with multiple companies and roll internet payment plans around to different areas. You still can’t view the static pages or comment, but at least now you can read. And remember, you can always become a fan and start discussions with us on Facebook or email me at

President Obama has recently proposed removing high-calorie drinks and snacks from school vending machines. And as soon as President Obama came out with one opinion, like clockwork, Glenn Beck came out against whatever that opinion was. Did he think about this opinion? No! Thinking isn’t something Glenn’s best at. But hey, that just means it’s ever easier for me to blast every little bit of his useless demagogue opinion.

My personal opinion is (gasp!) in support of Obama’s. The country is indeed facing alarming rates of obesity, which, while over-hyped, is still disgustingly far from ideal. Glenn, as always, spouts his trademark enraged invective, along the lines of “Get yer theivin’ gummint paws out of my mouth.” Well, let me start out by saying, the government does in fact have a right to control what you do with/put into your body. Did you ever hear of an illegal drug, maybe cocaine or methamphetamines? These go in your body.

But really, the government deciding what you will or won’t eat is completely beside the point here. They’re not trying to ban soda or candy from school altogether, well, not in the cases I’m discussing at any rate. Your little fatty will still be allowed to smuggle treats onto school grounds unhindered. We’re simply trying to make access to unhealthy food more than a push of a button away. As for the argument that says that students should learn self-control on their own – I think that anyone making this argument not only is stupid, but simply hasn’t taken a look around at all. If any of these kids had self-control that they felt like exercising, would there be even half this percentage of obese kids? Hah, no.

"It's okay mommy, Glenn says I'm old enough to set my own limits."

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let me assert that I think that it IS a good idea for vending machines to be on school grounds. Perhaps a parent didn’t pack a satisfactory lunch or the student forgot her lunch all together, or maybe a student is simply hungry before/after mealtime, or maybe she needs some brain food before testing. Thus, I do think vending machines should be kept on school grounds and at reasonable prices, but should be stocked with healthy food like fruit, bottled water, non-fat milk, or single servings of things like oatmeal or non-sugary cereal.

One thing that I think must be added to any argument about healthy vending machines is healthier cafeterias. Cafeterias have started serving exponentially healthier food since I left grade school, but I still remember the atrocities served there in my time, horrid in both flavor and calorie count. Good lord! Luckily, since then cafeterias have started serving a bland mix of boiled vegetables and kosher mystery meat (no Halal for you), but this trend needs to continue even further. If the kid has a problem with what’s being served there, maybe he can snag a responsible parent who will pack a lunch for him. Or, maybe he can buy some healthy snacks from a vending machine.

The last thing that I feel should be mentioned is my absolute and unquestioning support of a “sin tax” on soda and juice drinks, for the same reasons. This is a big part of the government trying to kill two birds with one stone – to somewhat decrease the rapidly increasing rate of obesity, and to increase government revenue dramatically.

They call it the 'Bible Belt' because they can't fit into any real belts.

Really, the argument against healthy vending machines is no different than the argument against Obamacare. Our wonderful president has proven for the second time with this that he cares greatly about the health of the American people, and the Republicans and demagogue media personalities just seem to be scrambling for “rational” arguments to mask the facts that they just plain don’t like him.

There’s a thing in the law called “compelling interest”. What this means is that something in the law gets special privileges, if the effects of this action serve a compelling interest to the government. Well let me make it clear right now, that keeping American children healthy is absolutely a compelling interest – if nothing else, as a PR move. I don’t know about you, but I’m just about fed up with the stereotype of the fat, stupid Yank. Well, one of the very reasons I have this site is to show that some Americans DO realize that other ones are stupid. But how do we address the point about obesity? Not only does it make the nation look like a hive of bourgeois assholes, but it’s making those bourgeois assholes drop like flies. Flies with heart disease and liver failure, that is. Now I’m absolutely an advocate for population control, but that absolutely doesn’t mean that I don’t support preserving the lives of Americans that are already alive. Do I think that we should ban junk food altogether? No, because some amount of freedom in choice is important. But let’s not make the choice hard to ignore by placing vending machines in front of every five year old with a sweet tooth.


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Revealing the new TGBR

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You may have noticed lately that we haven’t been putting up many articles. It’s certainly not that we don’t want to, it’s that we simply don’t have the time. But in the interest of keeping The Glenn Beck Report fresh, current, and interesting, I’ve made a choice to take the site in an entirely new direction. From now on, I will be accepting any user submissions, reviewing them myself to make sure they’re acceptable for the site, and posting them with full credit to the author. What does this mean for you? Well, if you love those show breakdowns I do and want to see more, why don’t you do them yourself? Or if you don’t want to go through all the trouble of commentary, just take notes for me and I’ll comment and analyze myself! Write any Glenn Beck-related article, just make sure that it’s 100% factual and not too rude, and I’ll post it! I’m very hopeful that this will kick off quickly, and will become the fastest growing source of community information against the one of the right wing’s most influential liars. To make a submission, simply email me at Thank you so much, and I look forward to working with you to tell the truth for as long as Beck and his followers lie.


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January 2nd, 2011 at 12:25 pm

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Flashback: Thanksgiving 2009

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Glen Beck, Biggest Turkey of All Time

This one's ALL white meat

At the link you find below, you’ll open up the story I wrote last Thanksgiving about the whack jobs at the now-irrelevant 9.12 Project who hosted an article that claimed something that was actually quite extraordinary. The article, whose title and author I have still been unable to find, claim that Pilgrims came to America to escape European socialism, not to pursue religious freedom.

We would like to present this as another example of Beck rewriting history, and we can, if you can help us find the post. Here’s more on the story below.

Happy Thanksgiving from TGBR.

Here are some links I found from mental midgets who have repeated this goofy, hysterical revisionist tripe or even worse, revised it into something else. (John Stossell. There’s a jive turkey if ever there was one!)

Representative Todd Akin R-Missouri

Politzoid… who claims that the Pilgrims were actually sent to America as a socialist experiment by a group of investors…

Here’s one by Kelly that is written in a language s/he obviously doesn’t understand because it says nothing about socialism except that s/he can’t read, which is a failure of our public schools.

I will continue to dig.


OK, here is a boatload of information about the so-called “socialist” Pilgrims mythology invented by those cranky, lying bastards on the right wing who want to ruin everything. Of course, this time what they’re trying to ruin is anyone’s faith that people can band together in times of need and accomplish common goals. Nope. Can’t be done.

Read and please have something soft under your jaw because it may drop unexpectedly.

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November 24th, 2010 at 9:55 pm

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Day of Reflection

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We must stand together to condemn those like Glenn Beck who advocate violence against our public institutions.

John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States, May 29, 1917

On this date in 1963, President John F. Kennedy was gunned down by an assassin in Dallas, Texas. Texas Governor John Connolly was critically wounded but survived. There still remains a controversy as to whether or not this was a single shooter and if so if the shooter was part of a larger conspiracy. If you are old enough to remember that day, you will remember where you were when you got the news. I was in a school stairwell coming back from recess, in the 6th grade.

The reason I am bringing this up on the Glenn Beck Report is that there are a number of people who travel in the same orbit as Glenn Beck who are likely candidates to repeat the heinous crime. Unfortunately, he has been a leading voice in the dehumanization of Barack Obama and has also asserted repeatedly without any supporting facts that Obama is the enemy who must be destroyed.

This summer, a nutter named Byron Williams loaded up a large arsenal of weapons and drove to the Tides Foundation intent on killing people. Glenn Beck is the only person in the media who had anything to say about this organization before the incident. Fortunately, Williams was high or stoned or something and was pulled over for weaving around the freeway before he got there.

Glenn Beck supporters were quick on the trigger, too. They went into massive denial that Beck could have had anything to do with this incident. What a shock, then, when Williams told the police he was inspired to attack the Tides Foundation because of what Glenn Beck said about it on TV.

In April, 2009, Glenn Beck did a show where he had an extra sitting on the stage while he imitated Barack Obama pouring gasoline on the man. He said, “President Obama, why don’t you just set us on fire?”

This is exactly the kind of garbage that led me to start this website in November 2009. Somebody has to call BS.

There has been a lot of debate on the left about the relative merits of wasting time on Glenn Beck. Today is a day to reflect on that argument. I believe we need to do it to protect the institutions of our government created by the Founders that Beck loves to distort and twist.

Since we are just past the first anniversary of, on this occasion I want to thank all of our friends for their support. Of course, I want to thank Quinn for joining the website as a partner and providing a good balance of reason to my impatience. Also, I want to thank the many others of us who have seen fit to do what we’re doing in their own way. I’m thinking of,,, MediaMatters, Huffington, and a whole host of people who read and comprehend, and do their part whether it’s take time to post a comment somewhere or send a few dollars to sites that need your financial support.

Update 12/13/10

Actually, this website started in September ’09, not November. Also, we do not solicit contributions, we are self-supported.

But thanks to those of you who asked.

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