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James O’Keefe, Glenn Beck, and the Death of Reputable Journalism

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In 2007, James O’Keefe made recordings under false pretenses, selected the few most favorable circumstances, and got black leaders to call Planned Parenthood a genocidal institution and call for defunding. In 2009, James O’Keefe made recordings under false pretenses while posing as a criminal (technically, he doesn’t have to pose at all), selected the few most favorable circumstances, made heavy and misleading edits, and singlehandedly disbanded one of the most influential humanitarian organizations in the United States. And now, in 2011, James O’Keefe and his friends broke the law to make a recording under false pretenses, selected the most favorable lines, edited the video to show them completely out of context, and it now looks like America’s most reputable, honorable, non-partisan news station might lose support of public funding. His patsy, Ron Schiller (NPR’s VP of fundraising) has now been forced out of a job.

James O’Keefe is a criminal. Unlike most things he’s said recently, that’s no lie -- it’s not even taken grossly out of context. Fraud, entrapment, slander, his list of crimes just keeps getting longer and longer. He was arrested in January 2010 trying to interfere with the phone lines of a U.S. Senator (wonder what he was going to do with those). In August, he lured a CNN reporter onto a boat filled with sex toys -- he’d told her he was going to give her an interview for her story on young conservative activists. O’Keefe is a bad man. He’s a criminal. He’s a liar, and he’ll do whatever he wants to get people to come to his way of thinking.

"James O'Keefe" is to "pimp" as "NPR" is to "partisan"

I’ve been caught in some interview situations before. I really want the other party to say certain things so that I can use it against them. But a lot of the time, it just doesn’t happen. I’m not going to force them into saying it, we call that entrapment and it completely invalidates my point. I’m not going to take something they say out of context, because that makes me look bad and thus they look better. And if I interview a hundred people and only one gives me something close to what I want, I might publish that. But I’m not going to call it the official stance of the organization, and I’m not going to assume that the other hundred I’ve already talked to hold the exact same opinions. Sadly, throughout his lengthy history of shady escapades, O’Keefe has managed to do the exact opposite of every single one of these things. What he’s done to NPR isn’t even the worst, if you ask me (I’m still pretty enraged about ACORN). It’s just the latest, and the one that people care about -- with no basis at all.

Some of the stretches of the truth in the tape are infuriating. The narrator, for example, says that the potential donor group Schiller is meeting with is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood. No matter which way you look at it, that’s an outright lie. Furthermore, Schiller had absolutely no way of knowing about any potential (false) Brotherhood ties. The organization was introduced to him as the “Muslim Education Action Center”. I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds entirely innocuous. At another point in the cut, Schiller is shown laughing jovially at MEAC’s mission statement of spreading acceptance of Sharia. Turns out the laughter was taken from elsewhere in the tape -- he was laughing at a restaurant mix-up.


The full, unedited, harmless tape can be found here:

O’Keefe’s edited video -- this will make you angry:


I’ve seen comments comparing O’Keefe’s actions with Chris Hansen’s on “To Catch a Predator”. In that show, he lured in criminals under false pretenses and exposed their previously committed crimes. The NPR tape is not like that. Schiller, an innocent man with largely innocent opinions, was lured in under false circumstances. He was then taped making a lot more innocent statements (some I don’t agree with, but still nothing that should cause a sensation). And then, this innocent man with innocent opinions at an innocent organization was falsely made to look like a conservative-hating lunatic.

But honestly, I’ve spent enough time debunking Jim O’Keefe’s counterintuitive conservative lie-fest. By now, we’re used to conservatives slandering their opponents however they can to get what they want. It’s a disgusting practice, but it’s to the point where it doesn’t even surprise me anymore. What’s heartbreaking this time is that it may lead to the defunding of one of the world’s most important news sources and all-around fantastic in every way media outlets. In the unedited tape, Schiller made it very clear that any opinions he expressed were his own and absolutely not those of NPR. He was entitled to those opinions. I’m not saying that it was a good idea for him to express them, it wasn’t. It’s never a good idea for a high-ranking official to express opinions contrary to those of his organization, especially when that organization tries so hard to remain opinion-free. And whenever this kind of thing happens, history repeats itself and gets angry at the organization for the actions of the ill-advised official. So whether O’Keefe’s filthy edits had been made or not, Schiller was a bit of a fool.

A fool to bring about the most dire of consequences. If federal funding is pulled from NPR, tons of local stations will die. Talk radio may take decades to recover. And most of all, people will lose the most balanced source for news this side of the BBC. Conservatives seem to always have this idea of NPR being the left wing’s Fox News (and of Fox News being unbiased?). That’s not true. Like so many of their other opinions, they hear a sound bite, hear their favorite pundits railing against it, and assume this fraudulent idea that NPR is a bastion of socialism and baby-killing. It’s a lie.

Shirley Sher- oops, I mean Ron Schiller

Anybody who wants to challenge me, please, turn on NPR for two hours. When you’re not hearing a game show or comedy programming of some kind, you’re hearing the news -- as it is. They don’t spin it. They don’t even take a stance on it. They report it. As NPR’s Ira Glass put it, “Go through this morning’s ‘Morning Edition’ and find me even a sentence that smells like political bias to you. Like find one.” And I’m sorry, I truly am, if news without spin seems liberal. It’s called “truth”, and conservatives hate it. CNN has correspondents from both sides of the aisle, and I get sick of hearing them say things that don’t belong in with the news. MSNBC and Fox respectively have taken a definitive stance on one side of the aisle or another, and spin stories their own way or even lie (Ten lies at Fox for every one at MSNBC, of course).

But NPR, it doesn’t do that. Sometimes it pulls in an expert from one side or the other, but they just give their analyses of what’s going on. And if one story is analyzed by a conservative, you can bet the next one will be by a liberal. Even during their non-news programming, the network employees don’t take a stance. I’ve even heard Peter Sagal (Host of NPR’s ‘Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me’) making fun of the entire situation, calling Tea Partiers something along the lines of the most beautiful, educated people he’s ever met.

Federal funding for public radio allows local stations all around the nation to provide people with quality programming around the clock. Without NPR, we’re stuck listening to unprofessional broadcasters putting their uneducated comments on events that they’re probably uneducated about. We’re stuck with two-bit shock jocks and bad music stations where DJs experiment with the sound boards. I really, really don’t want any of those things.

But with NPR, people are exposed to such a wide variety of professional, quality programming that they’ll feel dirty ever going back. Non-partisan humor, talk, stories on every topic from a blind cyclist to Houston’s new girl band. They must have so many awards at this point that they need federal funding just to afford the warehouse in which to store them. In an age where every reporter influences the news, we cannot afford to lose one of the last bastions of truly honest reporting. We can’t afford liars like O’Keefe to leave hundreds or thousands out of a job and millions out of honest news. I don’t know what’s going to happen at this point, but you can be sure that it won’t be O’Keefe printing an NPR-style redaction of incorrect details.

"Ira Glass" is to "excellent reporting" as "Glenn Beck" is to "inflammatory falsifications"

Anyway, that’s just a lot of background information. What you came here looking for, of course, is information on Beck’s now infamous involvement in this whole thing. As many of you have probably heard by now, Beck’s website “The Blaze” has published an article completely debunking O’Keefe’s tape, meanwhile being quite easy in Schiller. The piece was NOT written by Beck himself, but by Scott Baker, the site’s editor-in-chief. He was working with an analysis of the edited tape done by Pam Key, another employee who often produces video for the site.

When I first heard what was going on, I assumed that someone at The Blaze had gone rogue. But then I heard Glenn accepting compliments for the work done, and I figured maybe he’s one of the conservatives that realizes that NPR isn’t partisan. They’d done a lot of unbiased coverage of his 8/28 rally, after all. But after discussion with colleagues and further thought, I realized that doesn’t seem right either. He’s railed against NPR before. He’s always complaining about taxpayer money going to things like this.

What an article on Beck’s site says is this: Scott Baker was suspicious of the edited tape. He called Glenn asking if he could examine and write about the raw tape. Glenn said yes because, and I quote, “We’re not going to Shirley Sherrod someone.” In the same breath he said that he hated NPR and had no agenda against O’Keefe, but it’s still something very interesting to think about.

Why? Why didn’t Glenn feel willing to “Shirley Sherrod” someone? If you’ll recall, back in July, he was actually defending her. Even saying that she may deserve her job back. I don’t know how his head works, but that’s the truth, that’s what happened. I HATE Glenn Beck. I wish nobody had ever heard of him. I wish he’d never made it farther in society beyond his little DeLoran crash. He’s caused irreparable harm to thousands, maybe millions of people. But I’m not going to lie about him. I don’t need to. The truth provides me with enough ammunition. And the truth, along with my very reluctant moral compass, tells me that in the case of Shirley Sherrod he… he did something kinda good.

Is this NPR scandal the same? Did he, along with the employees at The Blaze, do kinda good? I don’t want to be quick to make judgments, so until we observe further fallout from this story I’ll remain largely neutral on that one. What I can say is that a lot of people have seen the NPR video debunked because of The Blaze. I can also say that the Blaze article was completely partisan, and that’s absolutely not how it should have been. It wasn’t good reporting. It was downright bad reporting helmed by downright bad people. But sometimes, even good can come of evil. The slogan of The Blaze is “The truth has no agenda.” I don’t think that’s true, and we can see that The Blaze never cares about filling everything up with their agenda. But for some reason, they choose to report the truth now and again -- no matter what consequences it may have for conservatives. I’m even inclined to think that Beck lost a few raving fans over this one -- but gained a few as well. I’ll call it an even trade.

Aw, don't cry Glenn. All the educated people hate you and now Fox News does too, but Tea Baggers still love you. Right?

The truth is, as far as I’ve been able to tell, that Glenn Beck’s moral compass is completely broken. Not in the way that it always points south, but in the way that it points many ways for no apparent reason. He has no problem inspiring killers. He’ll lie about the fairly elected president. He’ll use racial and homophobic slurs, he’ll lie about the founding of this nation, he’ll lie about the constitution, he’ll disparage anybody with religious beliefs that don’t conform to his. But he’ll defend Shirley Sherrod. And he’ll post a debunking of James O’Keefe. Please, don’t be fooled by one good action in the midst of a thousand bad ones. See the forest -- and the trees.

What a lot of people find most interesting about this, of course, is his closeted disagreement with Fox News, which has had no problem accepting and embracing O’Keefe’s video. Many seem to take this as a sign that Beck will leave the network once his contract ends at the end of this year. But from where I stand, the NPR scandal has affected very little between Glenn and the network either way. He’s been hinting at a split for a long time, and just a few days ago he commented of their relationship that “the only thing certain in life is change.” If I were a betting man, I’d certainly put everything I had on Glenn going independent once his contract ended. It’s a poorly kept secret that even Fox has been considering not offering a renewal of his contract. His ratings have been dropping for months. In a disgusting, lying, extremist network, he’s the most disgusting, lying extremist sack of crap they have, and people are starting to notice.

The sad truth is that both Fox and Beck might be better for that split. Beck’s got a diehard core of fans that listen to every show he produces, watches every TV program he’s ranting on, reads his stupid little books and attends his stupid little movies. He’s built himself quite the little empire, and can only go so much farther while he’s tied to the network. And Fox News, as partisan as it is, needs to maintain a grain of sanity if they want to attract a large base of modern conservatives. They’re not going to hire a liberal to replace Glenn. They’ll just hire someone who spins and stretches the truth instead of lies, and who just raises their voice instead of yelling. It’s not a good change. The split will be bad for everyone -- except for Beck and his money, and except for the network and their ratings.

-Quinlan Ryan


Next up: Glenn Beck, Japan, and America’s shattered ethics

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Obama Names Beck White House HR Director

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Obama announces Glenn Beck Appointment

Finally 'naive' President Obama will get the political help he needs

UPDATE 7/29/10

Shirley Sherrod announced Thursday that she is suing Andrew Breitbart for posting a video that led to her firing from the USDA. Breitbart is a well-known right wing fraud whose name keeps popping up whenever a smear campaign against a politically active black person hits the headlines.

Following the last in a series of media-generated political crises, namely the firing of Shirley Sherrod over totally false and deliberately manipulated videotape, President Obama put on his “Decider” hat and wheeled into action. This is exactly what the progressives have been waiting for, a President who is Fired Up and Ready to Go. This is the man for whom millions sent in their pennies in campaign donations, stood on frozen street corners handing out flyers, knocking on doors, and spending hours in phone banks urging people to vote for Change You Can Believe In.

In a tersely worded statement read in the Rose Garden late last night, President Obama appointed Glenn Beck to be his administration’s HR Czar. The appointment takes effect immediately and the duration of it was not stated. Obama walked up to the microphone and read the following:

By the special powers left to the President by the last administration, I am hereby declaring a political emergency. During an emergency the President may create new positions by Executive Order. Tonight, I signed an Executive Order creating the position of White House Director of Human Resources. This position will be responsible to make sure that all hiring and firing decisions are carefully weighed for their political effect before being executed. I have entrusted this critical national political security job to Dr. Glenn Beck. His political HR expertise is well-documented, having been directly involved with Van Jones, ACORN, Cynthia McKinney, and lately, Shirley Sherrod.

There will be no questions.

Glenn Beck was unavailable for a statement, but Stu was reached via telephone. When asked about the appointment, he said “Wha… who is this? Glenn’s in trouble again? Look, ah, this isn’t the best time…. I’ll get back to you. Gimmie a sec… I’ll get something to write on. What time is it? Are you with the government? How’d you get this number… hang on…” After that the connection was lost.

Glenn Beck will help Obama tell his Nazis from his Commies

Glenn Beck will help the 'inexperienced' Obama tell his Nazis from his Commies

The Glenn Beck Report would like to congratulate Dr. Beck, the President, and of course we must also give a BIG SHOUTOUT to the jello-spined lazy-ass media who can’t be bothered to fact check a story from proven liar Andy Breitbart. You may remember Andy’s tromp onto the world’s stage by feeding the media frenzy over James O’Keefe’s doctored “pimp” video. This totally unbelievable video, which supposedly “proved” that ACORN was tampering with voter registration and welfare fraud for illegal immigrants, was a fake. Never mind that the video was proven to be doctored and the California Attorney General dismissed it as non-evidence of anything. Nonetheless, the video sent the herd of Democrat mastodons right over the cliff. Breitbart sent his Boy Wonder James O’Keefe out again, this time to tap the phones at Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu’s office. O’Keefe was busted, then arrested on January 25, 2010 on felony charges. O’Keefe got lucky… he was sentenced to 3 years probation, 100 hours of community service, and a $1500 fine for the same offense that G. Gordon Liddy and others served years in federal prison after Watergate. Breitbart was caught again in June 2010 with another doctored video that purported to expose census fraud. This one was so bad that even Faux ignored it.

James O'Keefe arrested for attempted wiretapping of Senator Mary Landrieu's phones

James O'Keefe arrested for attempted wiretapping of Senator Mary Landrieu's phones

So when the Shirley Sherrod story “broke”, and it was sourced to Brietbart, did anyone in the media or the White House even bother to think about the track record and motives of Brietbart and Faux News? Of COURSE not. That would require some common sense and a tiny bit of courage. Faux News picked up the story and started repeating and amplifying it into a fake furor of epic proportions. It is being reported that the White House pulled the plug on MS Sherrod because of the threat of Glenn Beck doing an entire show on the Obama Administration’s racism. I guess we know who the most powerful man in the world really is, don’t we?

If the White House is unwilling or unable to take on Glenn Beck over a proven falsehood, what are they good for? What would happen if there was a real crisis that required immediate attention, such as a terrorist attack? Would they pull another “READY, SHOOT, AIM” stunt like this? Are we living in an age where people like Tom Vilsack can demand your resignation from you while you’re driving your car? Without even 5 minutes of face time? Over your friggin’ Blackberry? These are sad and dangerous times, indeed. I wonder what would happen if we had a serious confrontation with Iran or North Korea; would the President anticipate Faux News’ coverage of his actions and then act accordingly? Or would the White House team actually wait until they have enough facts to make a decision?

The golden age of news reporting is gone

The golden age of news reporting is long over

What does it mean for America when your government can’t even wait a few hours to get the facts out of fear of a pack of known liars and buffoons? I guess that means you’ll have to rely on sites like this, and the links I posted at the right, and the links on those sites. You know damn well you will not get it from the “lamestream” media (thanks for another new word, Sarah). They have sold out and sent their reporters packing. Now we have a few craven executives sitting around a table with their accountants trying to figure out what the story line is and how it will affect their viewership and advertising revenue. Now we have “liberal” news and “conservative” news.

When I was a kid I got a small transistor radio and I was amazed that I could get skip radio from all over the nation at night. I dreamed of the science fiction days of instant communication everywhere on the planet. Well, we have it. Our species took the age of instant communications and created the most uninformed and misinformed society our nation has ever seen.

And to me, this is disgusting.

UPDATE 7/27/10

On Faux News Sunday July 18, Howard Dean and Newt Gingrich got into it about whether or not Faux News had caused the Shirley Sherrod firing. Chris Wallace appeared to stun Howard Dean when he pointed out that nobody on Faux had uttered Shirley Sherrod’s name before the firing. But that’s not really the point, Chris. Faux has been pushing the “black racism” story line ever since Reverend Wright or even back to the Iowa Caucus. Why do you think Van Jones resigned and ACORN was ruined? I’ll tell you… because Democrats understand that there will be a race-based food fight every chance the right gets and we all know what the narrative is. Black nationalist Marxist wealth redistribution reparations. Coloreds. These are the words that Faux uses to discuss racial issues.

The White House got word that Beck was planning to do a show on black racism and passed it along to Sherrod that she was going to be on the Glenn Beck show. It is unknown HOW they got the information, but Beck’s protest that he was not going to do a show on her is pure bullshit. Here’s the story on Huffington Post:

The fact is that he indeed DID do a show on her, and called her a racist and told his audience that she should not have been fired, she should have been offered another job as some kind of czar because she fits right in:

Those are obviously racist comments that deserved to be condemned. But Sherrod was forced to resign before even being allowed to give her side of the story which, allegedly, is that she was just telling a story of an event that took place 24 years ago and, in fact, she is now friends with that farmer and she was only telling the story to show that she’s learned her lesson that it’s not about race, it’s about who has and who has not….

So, it’s about rich vs. poor. Based on that belief, Shirley shouldn’t be fired, she should be promoted in this administration. Make her green jobs “czar.” Make her the regulatory “czar” or manufacturing “czar” or the energy “czar” or director of Medicare/Medicaid. She fits right in with nearly all of Obama’s appointments. Why didn’t the USDA and Barack Obama wait until they knew all of the facts?

Here’s a link to the actual show. I can’t stand to watch it in very large doses because I get nauseous. But it proves that Beck calls her a racist and says she’s all about redistribution of wealth. Those are the two key points in the Faux narrative about race. If they can get in a few words about “coloreds” from some enlightened right-wingnut moron like Mark Williams, even better:,2933,597263,00.html

Glenn Beck, the most disgusting excuse for a human being on the planet.

Update 7/28/10

I was hoping that somebody would do this. Here is the complete timeline for the Shirley Sherrod firing as reported by our friends at

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Glenn Beck Lies

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Thanks in advance for your Retweets and Facebook Likes!

June 30 2011 The truth certainly doesn’t live in the headline of .

June 11 2011 Beck makes an obscure connection from Dan Akerson to George Soros through the Carlyle group. Got news for y’all: whenever Beck links anybody to George Soros through anything, there’s a 1/1 chance that he’s full of it.

May 22, 2011 Glenn Beck’s website refers to rapper Common as “anti-cop.” Untrue. The right has beem making extraordinary efforts to smear him due to his recent White House visit. In fact, he’s spoken out in defense of police numerous times, and just weeks ago tweeted “The one thing that shouldn’t be questioned is my support for the police officers and troops that protect us every day.”

May 7, 2011 Glenn says… wait for it… that Osama Bin Laden may very well may not be dead. That’s simply false. Al Qaeda confirmed it. The Taliban confirmed it. Reporters at the site have confirmed it. Oh yeah, and the president has confirmed it. Sorry Glenn, but you lose again.

April 22, 2011 Beck claims that Mike Huckabee wants to take candy from babies’ mouths – literally. Do you know what ‘literally’ means, Glenn? Lie.

April 18, 2011 I noticed that we’re getting a ton of hits from conservative groups on Sodahead. Welcome to the truth, Sodaboys and Sodagirls. What I’d like to know is if you are really as righteous as you claim to be, why does one need to be granted membership to your clique in order to see your conversation? The phrase “lack the courage of their convictions” comes to mind. Should you ever wish to make a public comment, you are welcome to be eviscerated here at your pleasure.

For the lie… we just missed the 2 year anniversary of Glenn Beck’s claim that there is conspiracy (aided by American socialist liberals like Obama, Chinese communists, and Frenchmen of course) to destroy the dollar and go to a global currency. Actually, this was articulated kookily on a March 23, 2009 radio show with guest Michelle Bachmann. Glenn has been on this rant since the beginning of his crackup.

April 16, 2011 Beck asserts that he doesn’t want viewers to become angry, racist, or violent. I’ll take that to mean that he wants himself off the air then? Perhaps he means himself as the cautionary tale that he is.

March 16, 2011 Glenn has alluded this week that the earthquake, tsunami, and pending nuclear disaster might be “acts of God”.

This is pure BS. Mormons don’t believe in God the same way that Christians do. They believe that every righteous MAN becomes a god in their own universe upon their human death. They take their “sealed” family (meaning their many wives and children) and somehow transport to their very own NEW universe where they get to run the show and populate it by screwing everything that moves.

So according to Mormon dogma, the “God” of our universe is a dead person from some other universe who is ONE flesh and blood individual. Now you may believe in magic (see Sarah Silverman’s “Jesus is Magic”) but it’s hard to contemplate a God that is trying to populate our entire universe with billions of stars and planets, and trying to do it by sex acts, would have time to crack open his own creation and kill a bunch of people who have done nothing except try to make a living.

So, when Glenn says that God “may or may not” have had something to do with Japan’s trouble, he’s a fraud. He’s trying to make you think in terms of Christian God, an all-powerful, all-knowing, omnipresent God who takes care of everyone’s personal needs and presides over football games.


March 13, 2011 Glenn Beck’s site, ‘The Blaze’, more or less debunks James O’Keefe’s NPR video. That’s… um. Good? I think. What are you up to, Glenn?

Feb 25, 2011 Glenn Beck devotes an entire program to the work of Lila Rose, President of the group Live Action. Rose is a wannabe James O’Keefe; her specialty is heavily edited videotape shot by actors and actresses impersonating people who are seeking help at PP clinics, put together in a way to mislead the viewer that there is something going on at Planned Parenthood that is not really happening.

It doesn’t take a mathematical genius to add this up. Glenn is trying to incite another string of knife, gun, and bomb attacks such as what has already taken place at various clinics. This is domestic terrorism. Glenn is a domestic terrorist.

If you don’t like abortion, then DON’T HAVE ONE. But you can’t stand by for this:

Feb 23, 2011 Glenn asserts that Democracy is equal to “mob rule”.

… The Muslim BrotherHood, Iran, China, communists, you got the unions, you got the students, you got Hollywood, You have Chavez, you’ve got Castro, you’ve got Van Jones, I could go on and on.

Who’s calling for a republic? Well, there’s ME, and…… YOU.

See the problem? Democracy means one man, one vote. Sure, it SOUNDS great but when you have powerful people organizing for America, for Egypt, for Madison, for the unions, it means mob rule.

Now just wait one goddam second, Glenn. One man one vote is EXACTLY what we have in this country. Except the particular perversion of it today is that we operate in a representative democracy, meaning we elect people who represent the best interests of our communities and districts and they are supposed to act in our best interests. Here’s where You fall flat on your Weeble face: Our government is on the take and it’s not on the take from ANY OF THE PEOPLE you listed in your “who wants democracy” straw man.

The trouble with you, Glenn, is that you’re too dang easy. Everybody’s doin’ you now, I suppose it won’t be too long before the Mormons come out with the latest anti-gay statement like this:

We, the Elders and Military, and Presidency, and poobahs of the Mormon Church do solemnly swear that homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of the lord, a SCOURGE, except in the case of Glenn Beck.

It’s coming…. the announcement that Beck is gay… you watch. It won’t take long.

Feb 23, 2011

From May 31, 2010… Glenn asserts that fact-checking sites like Snopes are just another part of the Soros web. (You see, Beck has been going for Soros for over a year now and look who’s about to make a crash landing. Hint: Not Soros)

Glenn says of, “Aren’t they originally funded with Soros money?”

Not really, Glenn. Not even close. Snopes was started by a couple interested in tracking down and debunking urban legends (especially those being spread over the internet). David and Barbara Mikkelson originally began the website in 1996 as a list of urban legends and it began to snowball as people wrote in to ask if random things were true.

Like, for example, the random things Glenn Beck makes up.

Feb 22, 2011

Glenn Beck continues to claim that George Soros, Code Pink, American socialists, marxists, progressives, and maybe even Obama, are plotting with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to create a global Caliphate that will threaten to take over the entire world with militant Muslim fanatics. This is his “hill to die for.” “I’ve planted my flag,” he said.

First off, this alleged “caliphate” would have to take on the US military with AK-47s and RPGs. Really? Glenn, what makes you think that a handful of radicals who can’t even think straight could defeat the US military, not to mention the military of their own country?

Second, there is no evidence whatsoever that this has anything to do with a global caliphate. Glenn is just making up another lie, a desperate attempt to convince his dwindling followers that they need to stay tuned or be swept away by the tide of Muslims. As reported earlier on this site, Glenn estimates that 10% of Muslims are terrorists. WTF? According to that we have hundreds of thousands of terrorists living right here in the US. You see, he just makes it up.

There is no caliphate, no threat of one. Except in the rich imaginary world where paranoid schizophrenics dwell.


Due to staffing changes and data errors in changing webhosts, Glenn Beck Lies is temporarily seeing less maintenance than normal. This situation is temporary. However, we are soliciting help on this task so if you would like to do something that amounts to a blow to Glenn Beck’s fortress of lies, please contact us at the email below.


Glenn Beck Lie of the Day:

Glenn claims that Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals” is dedicated to Lucifer. This is a lie. Well, unless “Irene” is also called “Lucifer”.

‘Tis the season to spend money…

Especially on Glenn Beck’s books. He loves God and Jesus, and stuff like that, but he loves it more when you buy his books. Because he wants you to read and believe the lies in them, like the one Fareed Zakaria blasted this weekend.

Glenn Beck repeated a lie on Monday that he has stated often, including in his 2003 book, The Real America, Messages from the Heart and the Heartland. Namely, 10% of Muslims are terrorists.

Holy Moroni, RoundBoy! That’s 157 million people, half the population of the USA, and a whole bunch of them probably live right here! But wait!

Beck’s apologist Stooge has an explanation. Beck gets his number from a poll of Muslims worldwide and a total of 10% of them either said they disapprove of the United States government or hate it. But as Fareed Zakaria so succinctly points out, “Hating America is not the same thing as being a terrorist.”

Zakaria also noted that many polls show a substantial percentage of Americans are angry with the government.

Does supporting such anger against the American government make one a terrorist? According to Glenn Beck’s producer and his definition, maybe, but in that case, how would one describe a man who has been fuelling such anger against the American government on television daily for the last two years? How, in other words, would one describe Glenn Beck?

Thanks to Mr. Zakaria for a brilliant game/set/match and to reporting by the Huffington Post.

WELCOME to everyone who is stopping by today to try to understand what exactly is up between Glenn Beck and George Soros. I have written two posts about it on the homepage.

The newest post details what Glenn is accusing Soros of doing, and the previous post fleshes out the real reason behind the new wave of attacks… RATINGS. Enjoy!

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Update Nov 1

I see we’re getting a passel of hits today from Reddit. Thanks to whomever it was who posted the link to our Lies page. This is not as concise as some would like it to be but it’s harder to nail down weasel words than you might think. In honor of today’s visitors, here’s a few quick hits from Beck’s February 20th CPAC speech. Enjoy

Beck:I have to tell you, I hate Woodrow Wilson with everything in me, God bless you. No you don’t, Glenn, you LOVE Woodrow Wilson because he is dead and therefore cannot defend his ideas against your inaccurate interpretation of them. If it weren’t for your imaginary war on “progressives” you might be where you belong, out on the street doing tricks for a buck or two.

Beck: I have always believed that, I have always wanted to believe that: that tomorrow is going to be better than it is today.
Not so. In 1986 the only reasons that you didn’t commit suicide was that, in your own words, you were “too much of a coward” and “too stupid”. Your empire is based on fear, the belief that tomorrow is going to be worse than today. Making $32 million a year, hey, that’s not a bad gig, even if it is based on a bullshit scary lie.

Beck: I don’t use teleprompters, I just speak from here (pointing at heart)
Come on, Glenn, there was an active teleprompter at the podium while you said that. You do use teleprompters. Anyone who cares about what they say to the public uses them, or written notes, because otherwise you end up sounding like Jan Brewer who can’t even tell people what office she’s running for or why they should vote for her.

Beck: (Writes “Progressivism” on his chalkboard) This is the disease. This is the disease in America. It’s not just spending, it’s not just taxes, it’s not just corruption. It is progressivism.
Not really Glenn, and even though you like to keep repeating that lie hoping that Idiot America will adopt it because of repetition, it’s not going to be true. It never has been true, it never will be true, by definition. I urge everyone who has a few minutes to visit this page on our website which explains the origins, the context, and the beliefs of progressives.

Beck: Progressivism is the cancer in America and it is eating our Constitution. And it was designed to eat the Constitution. To progress past the Constitution. The plain truth is that if America wants to survive into the 21st Century and beyond, we are either going to have to adopt more progressive policies OR devolve into a feudal system where we have the hyper-rich at the top 1/10 of 1% and everyone else far below them. We are already seeing this starting in America with the income tax system slyly devised by Bush. The tax burden is shifting down the food chain at the same time wealth is shifting up the food chain. 1/7th of Americans live near or below the poverty line. Glenn Beck tells you that the reason the middle class is shrinking is because former middle class members are moving to the upper class. Do you really believe that? Really?

More later on Election Day, perhaps. Stop by again, thanks for visiting and PLEASE do not forget to give us Facebook “likes” and Retweets. The best tools for tweeting are at the bottom of the Lies Page.

Update 10/24/10

Well, the election is right around the corner and the GOPERs are already banging the gong and measuring the curtains. Of course Glenn takes great pride in being a central (?) figure in all of this, by selling hundreds of thousands of books full of outright trash and lies. For example he likes to claim his mother committed suicide. That’s believable, since she had such a mutant for a child. However, even his first wife had no idea what he was talking about when he brought it up on the radio.

Nor did the police. Actually, her death was recorded by the police as a boating accident. She went boating with a gentleman and HER DOG and the two humans ended up dead. Who takes their dog with them when they go to commit double suicide? Think about it… another Glenn Beck lie, he will even lie about his dear sweet mammy’s death. Tsk tsk.

Update 8/30/10 Tired of Beckerheads bashing “progressives’ parroting the weeping roundboy Beck? Check out our new page that tells the truth about progressive movement.

OK… by request.

Glenn is famous for his slap-chop history lessons, but this one is one he ought to be slapped in the chops for. Beck recently contended on his radio show that slavery was a good thing just going along minding its own business and THEN (da da DAAAAAAAAMMM) the nasty old mean government stepped in and REGULATED it.

Beck actually said slavery “started with seemingly innocent ideas” and then “the government began to regulate things.”

This turned it into something awful and perverted.

WTF!!!!? Glenn, I know you hate black people and anyone else who isn’t Mormon-livered white, but come ON, dude. People, that’s human beings, were being captured like animals, stolen, sold as property, branded, chained, thrown in the holds of slave ships where they wouldn’t see the light of day for 3 months, and then sold off to do hard labor in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. And you think REGULATION caused this? Come ON, not even YOU believe that. That’s the most asinine explanation of African slavery I’ve ever heard, bar none. This gets you a special WWWexler Idiot America Award, an award for people whose accomplishments are so idiotic that they deserve a statue.

Here’s some free advice. Shut up, Glenn. Every time you open your piehole a new outrage dribbles out of it.

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Glenn Beck has people to cross their fingers for him

Glenn Beck has people to cross their fingers for him


Due to a lack of time (definitely not a lack of lies) we are forced to abandon the Lie of the Day feature. There are too many days when neither Quinn or I have time to update. It was a good idea, just no way to implement it.


8/9/10 Glenn claims that Obama has misled the public with the statement that he’s not that far removed from what most Americans are going through because his daughter’s college fund is not doing that well. He then goes on to “refute” this by saying that Obama prefers arugula, plays basketball with Lebron James, sings with Paul McCartney, and his wife took a trip to Spain.

Well. Talk about grasping at straws. There are so many things wrong with this idiocy that I could write a book. Here’s the lie: Glenn Beck accused Obama of lying to America. (Oh, the irony). Let’s talk about the evidence. Arugula is in season right now, and we get it almost every time we pick up veggies at our CSA. This is not evidence of anything, it’ s as bogus as Bush’s broccoli snafu. The basketball game was for a wounded vet’s charity, the same type of thing that Beck claims he’s going to do with any proceeds from the August 28 rally. (This is a colossal lie that will be debunked at another time). If Obama is singing with Paul McCartney, that would be a big deal for McCartney, not Obama, wouldn’t it? Obama meets all kinds of celebrities and ultra rich people… why pick on Paul McCartney? And the Michelle Obama vacation… sheer nonsense. Michelle deserves a vacation just as much as anyone else does. She’s paying for it. She’s got Secret Service, tough bananas. That’s what we do with our public figures; all ex-Presidents and Vice Presidents have Secret Service around them for the rest of their lives. Why doesn’t somebody complain about the Secret Service protecting admitted war criminals like Bush and Cheney?

Out of touch, Glenn, you’ve got to be kidding. The salary of the President of the United States is $400,000 with a non-taxable travel allowance of $100,000. There’s a $50,000 expense account and $19,000 for entertainment. Can you do the math, Glenn? That’s $569,000 a year.

Glenn Beck, on the other hand, makes a reported $32 million a year for sitting on his chubby ass and making stuff up. He’s a serial liar and never has any responsibility for anything he says or does. Obama has his finger on the button, is trying to manage two wars and a failed economy left over from Bush, and he is on call 24/7.

Can you do the math, Mr. Genius? To quote you, Glenn, “DO THESE NUMBERS WORK OUT FOR YOU?” Glenn Beck, the guy who makes 56 times more than the President of the US for lying his piehole into a contorted mess, accusing Obama of being out of touch because he eats arugula. Pfffffffffffft.

8/10/10 – from 11/25/2009 radio show.

Because if you don’t stand up while you are losing those rights, as the government is growing in power, then, unfortunately, it becomes too late to stand up peacefully. How many times do I have to say? Peacefully. [unintelligible] Martin Luther King did. Was he anti-government? Well he sure took the government and turned it upside down now, didn’t he. He totally transformed the parties in this government. If you remember right it was Robert Byrd who was filibustering against the civil rights movement. Nobody really remembers that. If the government is going against the rights of the people, if the government in THIS country is violating the Constitution or re-interpreting the Constitution, it is not our right, it is our responsibility to speak out against it.

A parade of lies in this little 2 minute slice of Glenn. Let’s start from the end and go forward. First of all, the Constitution is a living document that has been interpreted by courts and amended by Congress and the people since the day it was adopted. This is not some evil plot against the people, it’s the way our system was designed to function.

Glenn always talks about Big Government as being synonymous with taking away people’s rights. They are not. Also, he never, EVER says specifically what rights are being taken away, who is taking them, and how this has affected anyone. He lies about this issue continuously.

Yes, Glenn, we remember that Robert Byrd filibustered against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Later in his life he called his race-based politics “the biggest mistake” he ever made, repudiated racism, and became a champion for civil rights. This is well-documented by his voting record. People can change, can’t they? Or if they can’t, doesn’t that mean that you’re still a coke-snorting, foul-mouthed, alcoholic shock jock with a vile mind and delusional world view? (Actually, Glenn is still most of those things and some suggest that he hasn’t gotten off drugs… I don’t believe he has.)

Glenn’s comparison of himself to Dr. Martin Luther King is an insult to human intelligence. Dr. King was fighting for civil rights against institutionalized race-based discrimination. Glenn Beck is fighting at imaginary conspiracy theories that he makes up as he goes along. Dr. King’s memory is respected and loved by nearly all Americans and there is a national holiday in remembrance of his life. Glenn Beck will be remembered as a crackpot, lying, SOB who took advantage of his Freedom of Speech to put 10 hours of lies and character assassinations on the national media every week. Glenn, you’re not only a pig, you’re an idiot. Don’t expect the rest of us to fall for it, because we’re not.

8/11/10 – from 3/17/2010: Beck blames the “progressives” for rotting the country from within.

Don’t worry. The only way to destroy America is to rot it from the inside — collapse our system from the inside. It’s got to be one of us that brings us to our knees.

Progressives — progressives are the ones that say you’ve got to rot America from the inside. You have to be inside in order to bring her down. It has been the plan the whole time. Make progress — baby steps. Well, progress from where to what? From the Constitution to a democracy. We’re not a democracy.

So now that it’s happening, why is America surprised? They’ve been clear for a hundred years. Radical progressives are infecting America! By deceiving unsuspecting people on their true intentions!

Progressives are not rotting anything. The progressives were the ones who stood up to unchecked corporate power in the 1890s and said “ENOUGH”. The people Glenn Beck represents have gradually restored the power to corporations over the years, culminating with the Supreme Court decision on January 21st in Citizens United that clears the road for corporations to have free speech rights. Now you and I work for companies who can take the profits off of our labor and use them to elect candidates who will work against labor of all types, from the factory floor through the accounting and engineering departments all the way up to department heads. Expect to be working more hours for less money.

But back to the alleged “progressive rot”. Progressives gave us the middle class, the living wage, workplace safety, scientific management, woman’s right to vote, and the labor union movement which has sadly been in steep decline since Ronald Reagan declared war on unions. These “progressive” achievements, along with many others, made it possible for the US economy to function at the level needed to compete and also tool up to provide war materiel for WWII. The modern progressive movement seeks to counter the influence and power of lobbyists and big business.

Unfortunately the Democratic party has been pulled to the right by the 24/7 right wing noise machine’s effect on public opinion. They continuously state lies, and then when they get busted nobody issues any correction, they just stop repeating it for a while. Then they start up again. Politicians realize that any phrase, any slip of the tongue, any vote could be made the topic of a Fox News “scandal”, where each employee feeds more outrageous versions of the lie to each other until it just disappears.

The real story of Progressives, past and present, won’t be heard on Glenn Beck’s show. He has just chosen them to be a foil to use for his crackpot conspiracy theories.

8/12/10 from July 8 radio show: Glenn claims that the recess appointment of Donald Berwick to the post of “Medicare/Medicaid Czar” was done because “not because of the Republicans but because the Democrats didn’t want him, either. Why? Because the guy is a massive socialist, talks about any good healthcare system must, quoting, must, must be redistributive in nature. Redistribute the wealth.” OK. First lie. There is no way of knowing who opposed Berwick because the vote was never held. Where did Glenn get his information? From the University of I Don’t Know? Second lie. Saying that a healthcare funding program must redistribute wealth doesn’t make you a socialist, it makes you a realist. The plain fact is that the reason why we have uninsured people by the millions is that insurance is out of their financial reach. Where the hell does Glenn think the money to pay for poor people’s medical care is going to come from, the Mormons? Third lie. Recess appointments are commonplace and are a hardball tool given to the Executive Branch to cut though difficult and messy appointments. No matter WHO Obama nominated for this position it would have been made into a political circus by the GOP, who have stated their policy bluntly: To oppose every law, motion, appointment, and action made by the Democrats from the White House on down.

8/13/10 – from 7/29/10 – GLENN BECK, HOST: We’re talking tonight about the Weather Underground manifesto written in 1969 by these guys.

This is Bill Ayers. This is Bernadine Dohrn, his wife. And this is Jeff Jones. They all are in and around the president.

First off, the Weather Underground has been disbanded and defunct since 1973. Secondly, the WU never had any major impact on American policy, foreign or domestic, other than whatever effect they had on the US pulling out of Viet Nam.

None of these people are or ever have been “in and around the President”. That is just a complete fabrication, a false premise upon which Beck spins 2 hours of phony baloney conspiracy theory that makes no sense whatsoever. Bill Ayers’ alledged association with Obama has been totally debunked so I’m not even going to bother with that one. Bernardine Dohrn has zero connection with Obama as well. Jeff Jones lives in New York. None of these three people have any connection with public policy, Obama, or radical underground organizations.

Since you can’t prove a negative, I’m going to turn this around. If anyone has proof that those three people are “in and around the President”, prove it. I want WH visitors list, a photo, emails, memos, whatever. Secondly, I want you to prove that any of those people has current ties with any radical underground organization that is illegally working against the US government.

You can’t. FAIL.


Lie of the Century SPECIAL REPORT: Inside the Glenn Beck Goldline Scheme You have absolutely GOT to see this! How does Glenn Beck make $32 million a year with no sponsors for his TV show? Excellent inside information reported by David Kurtz of TPM.

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Here’s the Lies Spreadsheet
Some people have posted that they don’t see any lies on this page, only opinions. If you haven’t actually read through the 20 pages in the Scribd Excel spreadsheet below, please save yourself the embarrassment by reading the spreadsheet carefully before you make that assertion.

If you can’t figure out how to operate the controls, please post to me or write for instructions.

Glenn Beck’s War on “Progressives”

On 7/12, Glenn and Stu(ge) got wind of a bombing attack on the wife of a minor oil company exec, Vennie Wolf. Beck said that of course it would have to be “Progressives” who did it, in fact the title of the segment is

Progressives MO — intimidate & scare

I think it’s time for the progressive community to stop playing footsie with this jerkoff and start letting him get what he deserves. If you see Beck being covered in media OUTSIDE of Faux or other right wing nut job sites like Drudge, please email me a link:

I will get in touch with the manager if possible and find out WTF they are doing feeding Beck’s chump operation with factoids to hang falsehoods upon. “Oh, I read about it in the Dallas Gazzoo. They’re a very highly respected newspaper blab blab blab.” You get the idea… we can work towards putting a stop to it and as Americans who care about truth we should.


I updated the spreadsheet today; I apologize for still not doing the spreadsheet updates more frequently but I have been busy with students and clients and need to keep with it for the short term. However, since Senator Robert Byrd died, there’s been a meat grinder of lies coming out of Glenn Beck so I want to just assure you that he’s lying when he says:

“I’m not here to judge him”
“Let this complete the record of Sen. Byrd.”
“… we will reclaim the civil rights moment. We will take that movement because we were the people that did it in the first place”
… or any comparison he makes to Dr. Martin Luther King, the origin and players in the civil rights movement, the “rights” being taken away by “the government” and many other topics along the civil rights track.

If you are not aware of the threat that OathKeepers, a crackhead self-proclaimed ‘protector’ of our Constitution, poses to America, you need to get educated. I will be putting up a page for secret radical militant groups. In the meantime you should take a moment and use these resources…

These people must be ferreted out and removed from police and military duties. They represent about 1% of active military and police forces, so the 99 of you in your group of 100 know what to do.


I have debunked this WHOPPER from a rant Glenn had on January 9.2008 that started out about John Edwards (no, not his sex scandal, that wasn’t out yet). John Edwards was giving his stump speech in which he stated that the middle class is disappearing. This is a provable fact, a fact supported by census data that shows the median income in the US declining. I am working up an organized set of data to show this (census site is slow, must be jammed with TeaBaggers trying to throw a wrench into the system). Glenn goes into a rage about “Sally Muckenfutch, little girl with the finger for an eye that can’t pick her own nose.” (Nobody could ever convince me that Glenn beck is NOT an asshole after that remark).

Then Glen drops this A-bomb of lies:

But the percentage in the lower class — now, this is where it gets weird. This is where you would have to pay attention and not be giving a stump speech some place. The percentage in the lower class over the last 30 years remains unchanged. So in other words, there’s the same number of poor people in America that there was 30 years ago but how is the middle class disappearing? Well, the percentage of people making over $100,000 a year has doubled from 12% to 24%. That means the entire decline of middle class is constituted of people moving up into the upper class, not down to the lower class.

So, it’s simple, see? The reason why the middle class is going away is because we’re all getting RICH! LOL I found this one by accident, and will have complete data showing what a PUTZ can do with a microphone shortly.

Glenn Beck is walking the line. He is encouraging sedition. He is challenging the legitimacy of the US Government. He is inciting violence.

This is a place he should have never gone. I am working on a new page, Glenn Beck – Domestic Terrorist and will post it as soon as it’s ready.

Now that health care reform is signed into law, the filthy, destructive, outright lies that Glenn Beck has been pushing to scare people into running like a spooked herd of animals will begin to implode. Some of these lies will be debunked immediately and some will just take a little time to be proven out.

So… here’s a list of my favorites that you can look forward to see blow back right into Beck’s dumbfounded-looking face.

*** Health care reform is a socialist plot to take over the government
*** Health care reform is a government takeover of the health care system
*** Health care reform is government control over 1/6 of the nation’s economy
*** Health care reform will kill your children, your grandparents, and/or you
*** Health care reform will use taxpayer dollars to fund abortions
*** Health care reform will cause doctors to quit their practice
*** Health care reform will cause people to stop wanting to become doctors
*** Health care reform will cause small businesses to fail, close, or stop offering health insurance to their employees
*** Health care reform will cause rationing of health care
*** Health care reform is reparations for slavery
*** Health care reform will cause Republicans to lose their health care
*** Health care reform will destroy the existing Medicare system (which should be destroyed anyway)

I’m sure you can come up with more. Discuss.

11/16/09 Apture is working GREAT as a way to easily use an Excel spreadsheet in a web page. I would highly recommend it! The documentation is a hard to navigate but once you get started it’s very quick and easy. I may use it to link to some other content; I’m starting to see more of this on the web.


This page needs A LOT of work, and YOU CAN HELP. If you know of a Glenn Beck lie that’s not already debunked here, or have an assertion he made that you want fact-checked, please let me know! You can use the comments or if you prefer, email them to me.

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