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Farewell to a Demagogue

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Well, it’s over. After five years of de facto treason, Glenn Beck is leaving television. And I must say, it’s been one hell of a ride. Between his insistence of George Soros’ one-world government, countless liberal-Hitler analogies, and astronomical raising of the mean number of times a TV host cries on air, the people that actually like to keep their facts straight have had to work pretty hard to compete. There were good times, and there were bad times. I particularly enjoyed the Jon Stewart parodies and the various compilation videos of his 9-12 rallies. But of course, the good times were really just our desperate grasps at the silver lining, the silver lining of a terrifying cloud comprised of gullibility, hatred, fear, and religion all

Something tells me that the internet does not prefer this guy to "Nyan Cat".

blown along by Beck and those like him. Glenn Beck has provided the inspiration for attempted murderers. He’s fed thousands, maybe millions of people information that is simply not true. But worst of all, he’s made people love him for it. And who is the fool – the fool, those who follow him? Of course, a good deal of it has been aided by indoctrination. Young people raised in conservative homes essentially have no choice whether or not to listen or examine – they’re forced, trained into it. And the older people have learned that anything is alright, as long as it’s done in the name of the Christian god.

And I want to say, and I would be delighted to say, that this is the end. But it’s not. It’s not even close. Being on Fox news was and likely always will be the highlight of his career, but he’s not going to let it be the last chapter either. His daily program will continue online. For $5 a month (even more for a premium service), viewers will gain access to Beck’s continued daily broadcasts. And I, for one, think that this is great news. Because the internet, I believe, is not entirely for people in Beck’s demographic. Few die-hard Beck conservatives know their way around a computer. Even fewer will take the time and initiative to investigate his website. Fewer still will actually be will be willing to pay for and watch a man scream and cry at them for two hours a night. I am not happy, because Fox News still lives, and religion still kills. But I am happy, because unless he has invented and will perpetrate success for a rash new business model, Glenn Beck’s mainstream popularity is dead. Tonight, I can claim, and America can claim, a very small measure of victory. The true patriot is not a person that wants no change. The true patriot is the one who wishes for all Americans to be free and live life in the fair pursuit of happiness. And as a true patriot, tonight I rejoice. Congratulations, everyone.


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June 30th, 2011 at 9:29 pm

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  1. I can’t say I’m not happy to see him go, far from it. But I can’t help but wonder who would take his place on Fox..? I’m sure plenty of right-wing pundits would jump at the opportunity to do so if it meant they could make a fortune like Beck has done.

    Another thing I found quite odd is how these same pundits also weave some strange adverts into their programs that literally go against everything they rant on and on about in some cases. Worst of all, though, is that some of these adverts literally portray doomsday scenarios that it seems many on the right are begging for. Oh, and you also have literally hundreds of gold sellers and buyers advertising on their shows too. Makes me sick.

    MichaelNo Gravatar

    3 Jul 11 at 9:02 am

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