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Special Comment by William W. Wexler

As we predicted months back, Glenn Beck is leaving Fox News, having milked the cash cow past the point of insanity into the land of dangerous paranoid delusions.

As yet, Beck has not announced that his tear-soaked departure will be accompanied by his woe-laced life where poor widdle him will allow God to “take my eyes”.

Glenn Beck having Vapo-Rub applied to face so he can "cry"

Crocodile tears, phony posturing, fractured history, and crackpot conspiracy theories. Move along, no Honor here.

Fox News has been the primary platform from which Beck has nurtured his culture war on “progressives” and George Soros, among others, with a campaign of lies, slurs, smears, and nasty dis-information.  He claimed the mantle of TeaBagger Leader with the 9/12 Project, which he threw off and under the bus the next year with his failed “Restore Honor” rally at the nation’s capitol.  His “Restore Honor” rally was the beginning of the end; he started a failing bid to become the next Billy Graham and by doing so he alienated the TeaBagger Christians (he’s a Mormon) and the red-meat nutjobs who don’t want forgiveness chat, they want blood and guts.

It is unclear what part Rupert Murdoch has played in this separation, but one has to see that he is a forward-looking businessman and that Beck’s craziness has contributed to making Fox News the most polarized and least respected source of information on the planet.  Congratulations are due to, who took over the task of the sponsor boycott and stayed with it.  Next up will be cutting Beck’s book sales off at the knees by selective boycotts of booksellers, who are already struggling to stay alive from internet competition.

This will not affect the Glenn Beck Report, which will continue to provide you with the facts about Glenn Beck until he his hounded off America’s airwaves and beyond.  Quinn assures me that he is ready, willing, and patient to stay the course until it’s finished.


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April 6th, 2011 at 12:32 pm

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  1. I think we all knew this was coming. I get the feeling this isn’t the end foe Glenn though.

    MichaelNo Gravatar

    6 Apr 11 at 6:03 pm

  2. In the larger sense, everything comes to an end, so I agree with you. The general press started talking about this in late March. I was predicting it when Beck started “losing his eyes” and although I’m still waiting to hear the self-martyr BS I believe I will be exactly right.

    Thanks for the comment, Michael. You’re also right that this isn’t the end for Beck and we’re going to have to keep after him, unfortunately. Most people have better things to do; I know I do. It’s a crummy job but somebody has to do it… sorry, Quinn, you’re it.

    admin(Wexler)No Gravatar

    7 Apr 11 at 10:05 am

  3. A must see
    Glenn Beck Beatles Revolution Parody
    The Revolting Glenn Beck! His Farewell Song!
    Not sure the Beatles would dig it though.

    Toon The NEwsNo Gravatar

    10 Apr 11 at 12:21 pm


    Boy, that crazy Beck. Good thing you didn’t listen to him.LOL

    KathyNo Gravatar

    25 Apr 11 at 4:03 pm

  5. 1) from my financial advisor… if gold was such a good investment, why would goldmongers be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in a commercial effort to sell it? Wouldn’t they want to hold onto it?
    2) you are showing an interesting slice of the timeline. The conflation that is confusing you is that you are showing the price of gold in dollars. What that means is that it takes many dollars to buy small amounts of gold. In the case of an apocalyptic failure of the US economy, what are you going to do with a small amount of gold? Buy a gallon of milk with it? Scrape some off and get your oil changed? It’s virtually worthless as a medium of exchange because without something to tie it to (like the dollar) it’s worth whatever anybody says it’s worth. If you’re stuck in the desert and out of water, a gallon of drinking water might be worth a whole gold bar.
    3) people who buy gold are getting screwed by Goldline to the tune of losing 40% as soon as the bell on the cash register rings.

    admin(Quinlan)No Gravatar

    26 Apr 11 at 6:42 am

  6. Quinlan is right; if you are expecting some kind of economic collapse(which would inevitably happen as a result of the dollar’s collapse), the last thing you want to do is be burdened with large amounts of gold. If you believe you will see that apocalypse, you’re best bet is to stock up on a few reliable guns, ammunition, food, water, and things like cigarettes and whiskey. When everything goes to hell in a country, an economy arises based on cigarettes, alcohol, food, soap, and even sex. Germany after WWII is a good example, as few countries ever experience that sort of destruction.

  7. A couple more points. In an economic apocalypse scenario like the one Beck’s followers have been expecting for many, many years, you need to be mobile. As I said above, you would need some reliable weapons, portable food, ammunition, a vehicle with spare gas, useful clothing and a tent, a cooker, and probably everything else should be for trade, like cartons of cigarettes or bars of soap. You don’t want to be lugging a bunch of gold around.

    Of course Beck, like most conspiracy theorists, suffers from “circular firing squad” syndrome, because while he is predicting this collapse of the dollar and an economic meltdown, he is also predicting the rise of Marxist-Nazi-Black-Nationalist-Muslim-Community Organizers. Goldline is a private company, which must keep all kinds of records. In the event of the Community Organizer revolution, ACORN agents will be able to find out who owns gold, and who bought gold from Goldline. Then they will sent the ACORN Mechanized Shock infantry brigades to every major city, arresting anyone who bought gold in an attempt to avoid ruin.

    And do you know what the WORST part is? The general Commanding the ACORN shock battalions….is I!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  8. Think this could have something to do with it?

    I do…

    Yankyer WankerNo Gravatar

    18 May 11 at 6:17 pm

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