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Flashback: Thanksgiving 2009

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Glen Beck, Biggest Turkey of All Time

This one's ALL white meat

At the link you find below, you’ll open up the story I wrote last Thanksgiving about the whack jobs at the now-irrelevant 9.12 Project who hosted an article that claimed something that was actually quite extraordinary. The article, whose title and author I have still been unable to find, claim that Pilgrims came to America to escape European socialism, not to pursue religious freedom.

We would like to present this as another example of Beck rewriting history, and we can, if you can help us find the post. Here’s more on the story below.

Happy Thanksgiving from TGBR.

Here are some links I found from mental midgets who have repeated this goofy, hysterical revisionist tripe or even worse, revised it into something else. (John Stossell. There’s a jive turkey if ever there was one!)

Representative Todd Akin R-Missouri

Politzoid… who claims that the Pilgrims were actually sent to America as a socialist experiment by a group of investors…

Here’s one by Kelly that is written in a language s/he obviously doesn’t understand because it says nothing about socialism except that s/he can’t read, which is a failure of our public schools.

I will continue to dig.


OK, here is a boatload of information about the so-called “socialist” Pilgrims mythology invented by those cranky, lying bastards on the right wing who want to ruin everything. Of course, this time what they’re trying to ruin is anyone’s faith that people can band together in times of need and accomplish common goals. Nope. Can’t be done.

Read and please have something soft under your jaw because it may drop unexpectedly.

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November 24th, 2010 at 9:55 pm

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  1. William Wexler

    24 Nov 10 at 10:32 pm

  2. U are just a liberal bitch. you have no clue of how the real world works. you just want to be spoon fed from your government who will jam this damn health bill down everyones throats. cant wait till liberals are out of the white house

    noneNo Gravatar

    9 Dec 10 at 8:20 pm

  3. Well first of all you’ve gone ahead and used a sexist curse word, so we know you’re not the one on the civil end of the political spectrum. And then you go ahead and equate “spoon feeding” with “shoving it down out throats”, which are of course two quite different things. I do apologize if you don’t like the effort to keep you alive. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t like you either, but leave it to liberals to try to reason with and medically care for their enemies instead of deny them rights and shoot them.


    admin(Quinlan)No Gravatar

    9 Dec 10 at 10:30 pm

  4. Yes, none,

    I do have a clue how the real world works. I’m living in it and writing out $1200 checks every month for an insurance policy that cost me $700 last summer and had better coverage. Thanks to the GOP doing everything they could to sabotage the bill, our insurance company appears to be ready to rescind our policy, an act which flies in the face of the basic, highly publicized principle of the health care reform.

    So you just go and insult away, because it proves your complete ignorance about the real world. I hope you live long enough to have to make the choice between going to your MD for something that’s not covered or making a house payment. I don’t agree with your statement that the government is cramming anything down anyone’s throat. The private health insurance system is alive and well, and I put it to you that they are more powerful than ever and they are cramming it to everyone’s rectum.

    admin(Wexler)No Gravatar

    10 Dec 10 at 12:59 am

  5. Yes, we have no idea how the “real world” works, you know the world where a government bill which forces you to buy a service from private corporations equates to being “spoon fed” by the government.

    Arslan AmirkhanNo Gravatar

    23 Dec 10 at 4:07 am

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