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Gay-Bashing Beck Tells MSNBC to “Bend Over”

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MSNBC has been running a public service promotional campaign of media from American history; the good, the bad, the terrible, the awesome, all put together to create an inspiring video mashup message to America. The message: We should not be back on our heels, we should lean forward into the adversity we face, find some unity, and pull together to lift America out of this mess by our bootstraps.

Some people may argue that this is a silly idea for an ad campaign. Some may disagree with the premise entirely. Some just reject it politically, you know, the genuine “hate America first” crowd on the right wing who are so superior to everyone else, you know, the real fiscal elitists, the leeches who think they know that Americans are way too stupid to try to find common ground and actually work together to fix problems. In trying to find this video clip I came across several wannabes who thought that they were having fun with it by denigrating it. The fools making themselves look more foolish by attempting to cut of the message they think they somehow “own” at the knees.

Glenn Beck shows his sensitive side

This is the guy who's telling MSNBC to "bend over"?

But not to be outdone, Glenn Beck, noted Mormon homophobe and de facto prince of the religious whack job Christians who don’t even actually realize that Beck is a heretic, had to take this inspirational message and turn it into a homophobic slur. “Bend over”, Glenn says.

Bend over, indeed.

One of the most disreputable and repugnant features of the common right-wing white male is that for some reason that defies explanation, they all seem to be fascinated by anal sex. And not only THAT, it’s also OK to joke about it. This has become so infused into our culture that even late night comedians on broadcast TV crack jokes about “grabbing your ankles” and “soap on a rope” and any number of remarks with innuendo about gay sex, and particularly anal rape.

If any one of these simians were to make a similar comment about women being raped in the ass, they would be off of TV in a matter of minutes. So why the double standard? I believe that it is white male rage at the advances made by LGBT activists over the last few decades. Dyke jokes are ok, too, but any guy who is liberal should just bend over and grab your ankles. At least according to Glenn Beck and his sexist, moronic friends.

UPDATE 10/26: While Rush Limbaugh was discussing the story of Rand Paul’s county campaign coordinator Tim Profitt who stomped on the head belonging to MoveOn.Org’s Lauren Valle (see story below), he just couldn’t tell the story. At least he couldn’t tell the story without saying (you guessed it):

“… it’s not like they’re going to just bend over and grab their ankles”.

This was in reference to the slings and arrows of Lauren Valle, who actually showed up once at some rally in 2008 for the Environmental Defense Fund or equally optimistic group. Nope, Rand Paul and his crew of manly men who tackled an unarmed woman on a public street and then stomped on her head would never do any ankle-grabbing.

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October 26th, 2010 at 11:33 am

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  2. Gay-Bashing Beck Tells MSNBC to "Bend Over" – – updated #tcot

    William Wexler

    27 Oct 10 at 7:26 am

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