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America Peers Into The Gaping Maw of Our Own Grave

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As we spend the last few hours before the 2010 midterm elections contemplating the events of the last __________ years, (here’s where you fill in the blank depending on your political persuasion) it is becoming increasing alarming that in fact we are at the beginning of the end.

Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country

We are in a heap of trouble

When America took back the reins of power from the GOP in 2008 by electoral force it was an emergency situation and the country was getting ready to drive off the cliff. We’ve spent two years trying to prevent that from happening while getting nothing but pure-D racist paranoid delusional resistance from the GOP, their corporation sponsors, and their 24/7 political network that is currently functional as a propaganda arm of the right wing, right out in broad daylight. This is a news organization that fundraises for a political party right on the air. Fox is a “news” organization where the news is made up hourly, and anything that possibly looks bad for Obama and/or the Democrats is echoed back to a deafening roar, until it’s proven false after which it simply vanishes as if it never existed. There is no editorial control over any story for facts, for content, for anything. It is idiots writing idiotic crap for Idiot America, who believes anything as long as it’s repeated often enough and loud enough.

So the short story here is that there has been some progress made despite the GOP and their propaganda machine, funded by Gold Line “investments” and Gold Bond powder. Are Americans ready to let this nation slip back into the chaos of the the Bush years? According to the right wing talking heads, we sure as hell are.

We have reached a situation that is so bizarre that it is as if the monkeys are running the zoo. We have slipped a cog in the national intelligence if the best qualification for running for elected office is that you don’t know anything about the office you’re running for. We have blown a national gasket when we are quite possibly going to send Sharon Angle and Joe Miller to the United States Senate for 6 year terms, which they will have won without having to answer one question, not ONE, from their opponents, their constituents, or political reporters. Iowa is getting ready to re-elect Chuck Grassley to his umpteenth term in the US Senate, where he has made an ass out of himself and humiliated the people of this fine state. Pull the plug on Grannie, indeed, Mr. Grassley. You should pull your head out of your ass and look at what the insurance industry largely officed in Des Moines has done to the people of your state. Insurance rates here went up 25 to 50% for people who have no more money to give. We’re making choices about whether to pay for pills or food. And Grassley doesn’t have the COMMON DECENCY to sit down in a public debate with his opponent and answer some questions about the issues.

Why are all these GOPER candidates afraid to debate? Simple It’s because they know they will get their asses kicked out of the hall. They are wrong about everything, they don’t have any supported facts on their side, all they have commercials by the thousands that stir up fear and discontent without actually stating any factual information or what they will do differently to fix the problem.

The Democrats are nothing to write home about. From a progressive socialist point of view, they are a miserable FAIL. They failed to hold trials to determine if war crimes were committed by the last administration. They failed to end domestic electronic spying. They failed to present a single payer health plan as an option. They have failed miserably, predictably, genetically (or so it seems). All of this failure must be weighed carefully against the resistance they have felt from the GOP plus the gravitas of the situation left in the ruins of Washington DC by the Bush gang of torturing thieves who robbed the national treasury on their way out of town.

A Slight Glimmer of Hope Still Remains

Jon Stewart's Sanity Rally attendence numbers obliterated Glenn Beck's Piety Bullshit rally

Jon Stewart's Sanity Rally attendence numbers obliterated Glenn Beck's phony Mormon cult Piety Bullshit rally

If America’s reaction to the last 2 years is to return control of the Congress to the same people who got us into this mess in the first place, the people who eagerly sought to fight the wrong war in the middle east because of its oil potential, who bust unions, cut off unemployment insurance benefits, write up financial paper that has so many hooks and crooks in it that a New York lawyer can only scratch their head in amazement, if we re-elect the same people who shit on the 98% of us every single time they get a chance, then I’m with Reverend Wright on his one point. It’s not “God bless America.” It’s God DAMN America. The chickens…. are coming home to roost. America’s CHICKENS… are coming HOME to ROOST. We cannot accept the ignorance of our electorate, we cannot tolerate the duplicity of our media, we cannot hide behind these as excuses for the atrocious acts of our government. Our CHICKENS are coming home to ROOST.

They will be swearing them in on January 18th, I believe. If it’s Angle, O’Donnell, Milller, Grassley, Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, Paul, and the rest of that group of amoral cretins running the show, you may as well just pack it in. If you’re under 40 and have a college degree you can move to Canada. It’s 25 years too late for us… but you can still do it.

Get out while you can.

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October 30th, 2010 at 8:55 pm

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    William Wexler

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  2. America Peers Into The Gaping Maw of Our Own Grave –

    William W. Wexler

    31 Oct 10 at 3:55 am

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